Little Boy Dies After Getting Stuck In Game Of Hide And Seek Gone Horribly Wrong

A little boy has died following a game of hide and seek that turned tragic at his grandparents’ house in Georgia.

The boy, who has not been publicly identified by the Thomas County Sheriff’s Office, was spending some time with his grandparents this summer at their home in the small town of Coolidge, about 50 miles north of Tallahassee, Florida.

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On Friday night, per TCSO Captain Tim Watkins, something went terribly wrong when the child became stuck during a game of hide and seek with cousins and other family members in the home on rural Murphy Road outside the south Georgia town.

According to Captain Watkins, the boy — who was reportedly between the ages of 8 and 10 years old — decided to hide behind some laundry room appliances during the game with his family. At that point, he became stuck behind the dryer and washing machine while hiding.

The game of hide and seek continued on for several minutes, and his family was unable to find him. According to WCTV, after “about five to ten minutes,” family members finally discovered the young boy trapped behind the appliances. They hurriedly moved away the washer and dryer, and removed the child from his tight crawl space.

Quickly, they determined something was seriously wrong, and began performing CPR on the child while calling 911. Emergency first responders arrived and continued the CPR. For a short time, per the news outlet, “the child was briefly responsive.” However, sadly, he soon “became unresponsive again,” and emergency services personnel rushed him to the hospital. Once there, tragically, the boy was officially pronounced dead.


According to Captain Watkins, emergency services workers found no trauma to the boy’s body. Thus, authorities believe the child died from “positional asphyxiation” related to how he first got stuck behind the appliances. An autopsy will be held on Wednesday of this week to officially confirm or deny that theory. Thus far, no charges have been brought about against anyone in the family, and police do not suspect foul play in the child’s death — just a horrible, horrible accident.

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The outlet notes that the boy was from the city of Jewett, Texas, but had been in south Georgia visiting his grandparents for the summer.

We honestly can’t imagine what this family must be going through right now. We send our most sincere condolences to the boy’s loved ones as they deal with this tragic loss following something as seemingly innocuous as hide and seek…


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