Lisa Vanderpump BLASTS Ungrateful Bethenny Frankel & Rachel Leviss At BravoCon! Oof!

BravoCon 2023 is upon us, and Lisa Vanderpump is already stirring s**t up!

The Vanderpump Rules show matriarch spoke to the media at the very beginning of the much-anticipated event held in Vegas over the weekend, and she had lots to say about one person: Bethenny Frankel!! Taking aim at the former Real Housewives of New York City superstar, Vanderpump talked to Us Weekly on Thursday night about Frankel’s fractured relationship with BravoAndy Cohen, and more.

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Lisa began by not-so-subtly shading Bethenny in regards to the New Yorker’s nasty recent comments about Cohen and the network:

“To have an amazing television career, I’m so thankful to NBC and Bravo. They’ve taken so much crap lately from so many people that you know used to work for them. I think it’s a shame. You’ve got to also look at what they’ve given you as well.”

“So many people,” eh?

And then it got really good! Specifically, Lisa took issue with the fact that Bethenny had former Vanderpump Rules star Rachel Leviss on her podcast this summer. That massive interview served as Rachel’s re-entry into public life after the jaw-dropping reveal of her affair with co-star Tom Sandoval — boyfriend of her supposed friend Ariana Madix. Within that podcast drop, Bethenny was the one claimed Rachel “got paid in a year less than my interns get paid” to film VPR. That shocked the listening world at the time, but now, Lisa is calling B.S.! In her Thursday chat with the mag from Sin City, the SUR owner said:

“I don’t like the lies that are coming about Bravo and NBC and Bethenny saying, ‘oh, she got paid like an intern.’ And me saying, ‘No, she got a few hundred thousand dollars, that’s not true.’ And her turning around saying, ‘Oh, that’s a lie.’ No, it’s not, it’s factual. That’s how much you got paid.”


Not much of a gray area here, then. Either Bethenny is lying about Leviss’ salary or Lisa is! And it didn’t help that Bethenny made a TON of money off the podcast chat while Rachel was left on the outside looking in! BTW, speaking of the reality star formerly known as Raquel, Lisa (her former boss) also took issue at how she ran to Bethenny in the first place rather than coming to her:

“I think she [Rachel] should’ve come back and spoken to me. And when I say [it would have been] a safe place, I am not putting it out there that it would be anything ever less than safe, but it would be nobody interrupting [her]. Where she could’ve had a conversation and really shared her thoughts because I would be ready to hear that. And I would’ve liked to have seen the growth.”

Lisa also explained that she’s curious as to whether people who have been very critical of Bravo lately — Rachel, Bethenny, and even ex-RHOBH star Lisa Rinna — are only doing so after trying to negotiate with the network for bigger salaries and failing to get what they want! Or perhaps they pitched their own shows to Cohen’s execs and got rejected! Lisa explained her suspicions while lamenting her rivals’ apparent inability to get basic facts straight:

“I think when people are gonna be great authorities on something, they check their facts. And also I don’t like the degeneration of somebody like NBC and Bravo that have given so much to these people, so many opportunities. Of course, I’m sure people got rights, but Rachel [or] Raquel — she said she was at some point negotiating for more money to come back. So these people that are now complaining — like Lisa Rinna [saying], ‘Boycott BravoCon’ and Bethenny saying this — I think a lot of them were pitching and asking for shows.”

And before the chat ended, there was one more thing Lisa had to get off her chest: the salacious recent takes on Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live lifestyle. As Perezcious readers will recall, Frankel has been coming after Andy for weeks now regarding both his questioning tactics on the show AND his seemingly intense promotion of drinking alcohol. Bethenny isn’t the only critic coming out of the woodwork, either; former RHONY star Leah McSweeney has been vocal about feeling discriminated against on WWHL because of her battle with alcoholism.

Lisa stuck to the NBC company line on that one, too, criticizing the critics and pointing out nobody was forced to drink on the much-watched late-night show:

“I have great respect for NBC. You’ve seen me for years on Watch What Happens Live, I’m one of the few talent that actually do [WWHL] on their own. I don’t need to get slaughtered to do that. They’ll always say ‘Lisa, what do you want to drink?’ I say, ‘I’ll have something afterward.’ I think, if you wanna drink, then take it on yourself. Nobody is force-feeding you. So a lot of that a lot of bull s**t, people casting blame. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”

We get it, everybody is responsible for themselves. But still… people like McSweeney might have a point to be made about the promotion of drinking culture and all that. Ya know?

Regardless, the big shocker here is Lisa coming after Bethenny (and, in turn, Rachel). What’s your take on these strong new statements delivered by Ken Todd‘s wife, y’all?? Sound OFF with your thoughts down in the comments (below)…

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