Kyle Richards & Mauricio Umansky Have NO PRENUP — Is That Why They’re Avoiding Divorce Even After That Slip-Up?!

Is it a looming divorce, a temporary separation, or merely a REALLY rough patch?

To be fair, Kyle Richards herself may not totally know what’s up. After all, she FINALLY used the word “divorce” when speaking about her situation with Mauricio Umansky the other day, only to immediately walk it all back and say she f**ked up. So the confusion is real!

Still, a new report from TMZ sheds some very interesting light on this tricky marriage situation. On Tuesday, that outlet reported Kyle and Mauricio have no immediate plans to move towards a divorce — despite what Kyle said and then took back in the last 48 hours!

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The news org claims the estranged couple is not looking to initiate divorce proceedings. At least not yet. And the proof? Well, sources told TMZ that neither Kyle nor Mau have lawyered up yet. Huh. Good point! That would obviously be their first (and most important) step if divorce were imminent.

Another wrinkle complicating things is that fact that the duo does NOT have a prenuptial agreement in place. In the context of their history, it kind of makes sense. They’ve been together forever, and Mau has been candid in the past about having nary a cent to his name when he and Kyle fell in love. But now the duo has built an empire! Not only has Kyle made bank through her onscreen work that stretches back to childhood, but Mauricio has a net worth north of $100 million after closing more than $5 billion in real estate sales, per that outlet. So splitting those assets without a prenup is going to get REALLY complicated really quickly.

But again, that’s not happening… yet… and the sources TMZ spoke with merely said the thought of divorce is present and on the table at this point despite not being acted upon. It’s obviously all up in the air, but this new wrinkle about a lack of a prenup and the complexities of dividing up assets would certainly make things even messier. Oof. Thoughts, Perezcious readers?!

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