Kristin Cavallari Tells Dating HORROR STORY Of An Ex Getting Arrested During Their Date — And You Know Him!!!

What’s your biggest dating horror story? Kristin Cavallari might have you beat!

On Tuesday’s all new episode of her Let’s Be Honest podcast, she recounts the tale of a truly terrible coffee date — in which the guy full-on got arrested! Right in the middle of the date! Innerestingly this was only a few days ago — but we’ll get back to that in a moment.

The date didn’t begin especially auspiciously, as she recalls this guy, someone she used to date, setting up the meeting with her and then NOT SHOWING UP:

“Sunday, I had agreed to go meet someone that I dated for coffee. And I’m like, ‘Hey, I’m two minutes away.’ No response. I get to the coffee shop. I call him. 9 a.m. I’m all, ‘Hey, I’m here.’ He answers all disheveled, like, ‘Oh my God. My alarm didn’t go off.’ I’m like, ‘F**k you. I hate you.’”

Yeah, not a good start at all! LOLz! She continued:

“But I waited like a f**king idiot. Twenty minutes [go] by, and he walks in. And he’s like, ‘Oh my God, sorry. I was up until 5:30, had friends over. We were drinking all night.’”

That would already be a red flag for us, him being so inconsiderate staying up all night drinking when they already had a date planned. We mean, if he wants to hang with friends, fine, but call a girl to cancel if you obviously aren’t going to make it! But she was a trooper and stayed, and they ordered coffee.

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But then something scary happened. A cop came up and started questioning them! He asked if they’d arrived to the coffee shop together:

“By the way, [UNNAMED DATE] is not saying anything. So, I’m standing there, like, ‘No, we didn’t drive together.’”

The cop pulled her ex out of the cafe and started “patting” him down! She couldn’t believe it:

“Next thing you know, the handcuffs go on. I’m like, ‘What the f**k is going on?’”

Then three more cops showed up and put the ex — whom she does NOT name, btw — into the squad car. She finally asked what the heck was going on, why he was being arrested, and a cop told her:

“There was a report of a hit-and-run down the street, and he matches the description of the guy.”

Whoa! Did her date really drive hungover to see her and hit someone — then leave the scene to get coffee?! She had no idea if she’d ever find out! She remembers thinking:

“Damn, I’m not going to know the full story for a long time. Great, that’s my Sunday morning.”

But the next morning, she says, she woke up to a voicemail from the guy saying, “Just got out of jail. That was crazy. Wow.” Like it was “just another day” for him! And he told her he would still like to get coffee with her!

“He was totally downplaying this like it’s nothing. I wake up, send him a voice note, like, ‘What happened? Did you get a DUI? Did you lose your license? What happened?’”

The guy explained he had hit a pole. He was still drunk from the night before and blew “over the limit” on a Breathalyzer. She got even more info when the story came out online! See, it turns out her ex is a bit of a celebrity himself! It was comedian Jeff Dye! That’s right, if you already read THAT story, you probably had no idea he was on his way to meet Kristin! Cray!

Anyway, the police report of his DUI hit the internet, so she did get the full story! And she couldn’t believe how flippantly he was treating it:

“The disconnect is so unbelievable. Also, came out in the police report he didn’t hit a pole, he hit a f**king tree. The whole thing is like, oh my God.”

Oh no! Suffice to say, she did not go for another coffee date with him! See the full story — PLUS another wild one about having a one-night stand with an Australian rugby player the night before (below)!


What would YOU do if your date got arrested in front of you, Perezcious readers? Would it depend on the crime? Or is that an instant dealbreaker??

[Image via Let’s Be Honest with Kristin Cavallari/YouTube/Brian To/WENN.]

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