Kim Kardashian Got The Acting Bug! She’s Making A Movie Now!

Kim Kardashian is moving forward with her acting career… whether you want her to or not!

The reality star got hit with some very scary criticism for her recent foray back into acting. Even when she was just cast in American Horror Story‘s new season, alum Patti LuPone slammed her for taking the role away “from actors” — clearly implying she didn’t think Kim was anything of the kind! She said on Watch What Happens Live:

“Excuse me, Kim. What are you doing with your life? Don’t get on the stage, Mrs. Worthington”

Ouch! Then the reviews came in, and while some were impressed, many more were, well… horrified?

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Despite the tomatoes being hurled her way, Kim has apparently decided she likes being on set. And she’s going to keep following this dream! This time on the big screen! And you know what makes it easy to get cast? Knowing the producer. Even easier? BEING the producer!

According to Deadline, Kim is all set to produce AND star in a comedy called The 5th Wheel! You know, the term for a person who people don’t want in a given space but they don’t get the hint and hang around anyway?

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Per the outlet, the film is being scripted by comedians Paula Pell and Janine Brito. It’s a very female-driven story, which makes sense — you might know both of these ladies from the hilarious Girls5Eva. And Paula previously wrote on SNL and later scripted Sisters for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. So this is coming from some VERY funny women!

Per the report, Kim isn’t just getting a random producer credit either — she’s been very hands-on with pitching the project to various studios! It’s apparently a hot project that’s generating enough buzz to get a bidding war going! But will people accept Kim as a comedy star?? Time will tell…

Hey, remember when Kim was going to be a lawyer? Is that still happening?

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