Khloé Kardashian CALLED OUT For ‘Blackfishing’ With Bratz Halloween Costume!

Khloé Kardashian is taking heat for her nostalgic Halloween costume!

On Tuesday, The Kardashians star showed off her look for this spooky season — and it turns out it really DID spook a ton of her fans! But not for why you might think!

This year, the reality star went as a Bratz doll, wearing a yellow patterned mini dress with a white shirt underneath and carrying a matching handbag featuring the brand’s logo. Unfortunately, it wasn’t her costume that had fans spooked! It was the apparent color of her skin!

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Many fans are now calling her out for “blackfishing”–  a term used to describe people who use makeup, excessive tanning, or other means to appear Black or mixed race — after noticing her skin color appeared “ten times darker” than normal. Oof. Dozens of critics slid into her IG comments, complaining:

“Why is she three shades darker than usual?”

“Black fishing periodddd”

“You were black for Halloween?

“y’all love doing black face smh”

“Girl who the hell is this, you’re not even recognizable.”

“I don’t recognize Khloe”

Meanwhile, there were some fans sticking up for the Good American founder, reminding folks it’s “literally a costume.” But, um, is that really an excuse for “blackfishing”?!? We don’t think so!

See what all the hype is about and compare KoKo’s look to her everyday appearance (below):


Interestingly, the 39-year-old was actually part of a group costume with Kim Kardashian and friends Olivia Pierson and Natalie Halcro, and none of them are receiving backlash. Still, it shouldn’t really be too surprising that some fans weren’t going to love the Bratz costumes since Kylie Jenner was totally roasted for “blackfishing” back in August when announcing her new limited-edition Bratz doll collection, with fans saying at the time:

“The fact that the Kylie Bratz dolls are brown are weird asf. That girl is white asf.”

“Giving Kylie (a white woman who modeled her face/body around Black women) her own Bratz doll (which is an arguably more Urban/Black presenting doll) before an ACTUAL Black woman is… weird”

“Kylie Jenner is a sicko lmaooo sis literally skimmed off the top of the entire Black girl aesthetic and is getting a BRATZ collection that’s not even based off her natural features”

Yeah, so, Khloé should’ve seen these critiques coming! But what do U think, Perezcious readers? Do you think she changed her skin tone for the costume?! Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Bratz/Hulu/YouTube]

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