Kendall Jenner Explains Heartbreaking Reason Her ‘Anxiety’ Makes Her ‘Scared To Have Children’

Kendall Jenner is giving fans the full rundown on why she’s “scared to have children.”

On Thursday’s episode of The Kardashians, the supermodel opened up to Scott Disick about her future plans (or lack thereof?) for welcoming more little Jenners into the world. While chatting about her dog Pyro’s “really bad separation anxiety,” the Hulu star speculated on where it could stem from:

“I have anxiety, and I think he has anxiety. Maybe I’m the problem. Maybe he feels my anxiety? I could be the problem.”

Oof. We all know dogs are really good at reading their person’s energy — and Kenny says she feels “really bad lately” because of her anxiety… which has made her think twice about having children. She shared:

“It’s one of the reasons why I’m actually scared to have children.”

Aw! That’s so sad!

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This was something Hulu star touched on in a previous clip for the show, but now that the episode is finally here, we’re getting ALL the new details — namely, that she feels like her mental health could potentially get worse with time. She told Scott:

“Honestly, the scariest part for me is, am I just going to get worse throughout life? Because I feel like it’s worse than ever right now. The older I get, is it just going to get worse and worse?”

That’s a heavy reality to weigh, but the Talentless founder was there to give her some support. He told her while “it is scary,” it’s no reason to hold back on having kids.

She should do whatever she feels is right! At the end of the day, she knows herself best. But maybe her blossoming relationship with Bad Bunny could help sway her in the pro kids direction?

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