Kate Gosselin ‘Lives Paycheck To Paycheck’ With ‘Very Few Friends’ Years After Reality TV Stardom!

After finding reality TV fame during the 2000s and 2010s, Kate Gosselin is living a VERY different life these days.

So goes a new report, at least, with a source claiming the one-time Jon & Kate Plus 8 superstar has been left to live in obscurity in North Carolina.

Per In Touch Weekly, which got the scoop from a source over the weekend, Kate has “fallen quite a ways” from her reality star days. The insider explained Kate is living a “quiet” and “boring” life in NC:

“She’s fallen quite a ways from being one of the country’s top reality stars. Kate is currently living a very quiet and boring life in North Carolina.”

“Quiet and boring” does NOT necessarily sound bad, right? Until you realize how boring we’re talking… The source added:

“She doesn’t date and has very few friends — actually, her best friends are pretty much her kids.”


It sounds like she burned all her bridges! Kate is seriously estranged from son Collin and daughter Hannah, who moved in with ex Jon Gosselin years ago. Now with 23-year-old twins Cara and Mady both working in NYC after graduating from college, and their younger sextuplet siblings having left high school to move on to their own futures, Kate has had to adjust.

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So she moved to the tiny town of Troutman, North Carolina, which is about an hour north of Charlotte. She got a nursing license there, per the outlet, and she’s slowed down her lifestyle:

“Kate lives paycheck to paycheck. There hasn’t been a glam squad for a very long time, so Kate looks totally different. She stays home a lot, watches a lot of TV.”

Yeah, apparently the reality TV money has all dried up. It doesn’t take too long when you’re raising eight kids, obviously! So she’s just a working stiff like everyone else now.

But yes, to answer your next question, Kate does still get recognized by people in public sometimes when she goes out around Troutman. That’s just not always a good thing… The source concluded:

“It’s not always positive. Kate continues to get a lot of hate from people. She doesn’t have it so easy.”

Yikes! That definitely doesn’t sound ideal. Can you believe Kate has almost no friends? Is that what you’d expect after seeing what she’s like on TV all those years?

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