Kate Gosselin Is Still Going After Ex-Husband Jon For BIG BUCKS In Back Child Support — Will This Ever End?!

Kate Gosselin is STILL going after her ex-husband Jon Gosselin for child support payments!

No, you didn’t misread that. Even though the ex-couple’s eight children are all now adults, the former reality TV star continues to go after her longtime ex for back child support that she claims he owes from missed payments over the years.

According to a report published by the US Sun on Tuesday, the 48-year-old has filed updated court docs regarding what’s called an “adverse revival” against Jon. That adverse revival was first filed in September of last year — but now, there are fresh filings from Kate (and quotes from her team) claiming Jon still owes $132,875 in unpaid support!

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As Perezcious readers will recall, we reported last week about how Kate is supposedly cash-strapped and living “paycheck to paycheck” in small-town North Carolina. Referencing that report, a source close to Jon slammed Kate in comments to the news outlet for Tuesday’s report:

“She is suing for support for money that was created by domestic relations in 2012. It was at the time she wanted legal custody of the kids so she could film and earn more money.”

And here we are, 11-plus years later… The source continued:

“She is relentless and desperate for money so she is now trying to sue. Kate hasn’t had a job other than reality TV for 17 years. She is doing what she can to get money. It looks like Kate’s financial situation is dire. Why else would she be pushing another lawsuit?”


Earlier this month, a judge handed down a written order giving both Jon and Kate the option to “explore alternative dispute resolution options” instead of sticking it out in court. It doesn’t sound like that’s going to happen, though. At least not according to the insider close to Jon, who insisted:

“Jon and Kate haven’t spoken in years and have no plans to negotiate money. … At this point, Jon realizes Kate can’t move on, but he has 100 percent has moved on. He is in a wonderful relationship, spends tons of quality time with his kids and is a full-time DJ and event planner.”

Is that really totally true tho? Does he spend “quality time” with all of his kids, or not?! Hmm…

Anyways, Jon’s side certainly may not be the whole story!! Kate’s team tells a very different tale. Her lawyer Richard J. Puleo also spoke in Tuesday’s report, and he SLAMMED Jon while confirming the new deets of the docket! Puleo shaded the “full-time DJ and event planner” by saying Jon supposedly doesn’t pay his bills and has run through a lot of attorneys:

“The docket speaks for itself and 90 percent of the time, if not more, what you hear from Jon or his sources are complete outright lies. [You] may want to check the docket, apparently his most recent attorney, which I believe is his 10th or 11th, needs to be withdrawn because Jon can’t pay him or owes money, which is the normal route for him. That speaks volumes.”

FWIW, the US Sun was indeed able to confirm that there has been a recent motion filed for an attorney withdrawal on behalf of Jon. That said, the reason for the withdrawal request was not listed, and it’s thus unknown whether that removal ask was initiated because of payment problems or something else entirely.

Anyways, the bottom line here is that these two are still fighting in court — and the court of public opinion — years after the fact even with kids who are now all grown up. Thoughts, Perezcious readers??

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