Kaitlin Armstrong Pleads NOT GUILTY! And Her Defense Is Already Looking To Create True Crime Conspiracy Theories!

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content] 

The yoga teacher who went on the run for six weeks after allegedly murdering her boyfriend’s former lover made her first court appearance in Austin, Texas on Wednesday, and what we’ve learned is… this case might be even more bonkers than we thought (at least, that’s what her attorney wants us to think)!

As we reported, Kaitlin Armstrong was arrested earlier this month in Costa Rica in connection with the May 11 shooting of cyclist Moriah “Mo” Wilson, who previously had a fling with Armstrong’s beau, Colin Strickland.

After being briefly detained by police, Armstrong reportedly sold her Jeep and flew to the East Coast, where she then used a fraudulent passport to hop on a flight to San Jose, per US Marshals. When the yogi was cuffed, officials noted she had undergone cosmetic surgery to alter her appearance. On Wednesday, the 34-year-old pleaded not guilty to the first-degree murder charges, and her attorney claimed there was a “lot more to this story that has yet been heard.” Oh?

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Following Armstrong’s arraignment, attorney Rick Cofer told press outside the courtroom:

“There’s a big picture here. This the beginning of a process that will play out in court and it should play out in court. We understand that there are questions that need to be answered and we look forward to doing so. But we also have some questions of our own.”

Cofer went on to accuse the Austin Police Department of “seemingly” ignoring important tips and presenting “inaccurate and misleading information” when seeking an arrest warrant for his client. He also suggested there might be another suspect on the loose, as he pondered “who vandalized the home of Kaitlin Armstrong and Colin Strickland the night of Wilson’s death and why?”

Questioning the validity of law enforcement sources, he continued:

“Unfortunately, a lot of the information that’s been presented so far in the media is simply not accurate. Simply put, there is a lot more to this story that has yet been heard.”

Wow, and we thought we’d already heard it all!

It’s unclear what tips the Austin PD allegedly ignored. While the lawyer refused to answer questions from reporters, like why his client fled the country if she was innocent, he explained that her legal team plans to challenge both the investigation and the Austin Police Department’s conduct.

Police dubbed the case a “love triangle” after they learned the victim briefly dated Strickland while he and Armstrong were on a break last year. The 35-year-old cyclist said he got back with Armstrong after ending his fling with Wilson, which he insisted turned into a platonic friendship.

Per the arrest affidavit, Strickland said he went swimming and had dinner with Wilson the night of her murder, and that he hid it from Armstrong. He also told police he deleted texts with Wilson and changed her name in his phone because Kaitlin had blocked it.

The trial is expected to take place in October. Do U think there’s really a lot more to the story here, Perezcious readers? It wouldn’t be the first time authorities got it wrong…

[Image via Austin Police Dept./ABC 13]

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