Justin Timberlake REFUSED To Stop Performing Cry Me A River Despite Britney Spears Backlash: ‘F**k That’

Justin Timberlake does what he wants.

Amid all the bombshell revelations coming out of Britney Spears‘ memoir, we’ve really been re-examining JT’s actions at the time. But now a clip has resurfaced from over the summer in which Justin makes it clear he has not grown much of a conscience!

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In the clip, which has been circulating on X (Twitter), the 42-year-old can be seen talking to a crowd of fans at Madison Square Garden for Dave Chappelle’s birthday party in August, revealing he was advised to no longer sing Cry Me A River. The revenge-fueled music video reportedly sent Brit “over the edge” after her breakup from the *NSYNC alum. And now we know from The Woman in Me it was also after she had a secret abortion at his behest.

JT had already seen a reappraisal of the song a couple years ago at the height of the #FreeBritney movement, as he references to the crowd. He says in the clip:

“They said not to do this song no more. F**k that!”

And he goes ahead and plays it. You can see the full video (below)!

Oof. This certainly ain’t a great look for Justin… with the context of him being “concerned” over what Brit had to say about him in her memoir before any specifics came out, it just makes it seem like his 2021 apology wasn’t quite genuine.

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