Judge Kicks Kim Zolciak Out Of Her Bedroom — She Has To Sleep In The Basement!

A judge is ordering Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann to keep things civil at home before they move out of their newly-listed house.

Of course, the Don’t Be Tardy alum and the former Atlanta Falcons player are going through a contentious divorce. And they just put their Atlanta-area mansion up for sale. But before that crib can sell, the duo has to keep living in it. And they must do it cordially!

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Per a TMZ report on Wednesday, a divorce court judge laid out living arrangement rules for the Bravo vet and her ex-NFL ex-beau. TBH, the whole thing reads like an old sitcom plot, as the judge divided the house in two, writing:

“Neither party shall enter the other party’s individually awarded space in the marital residence without permission.”

Kim’s living space? The basement! For real! It’s a mansion, so to be fair we expect the basement is pretty nice — after all, it also contains what’s called the nanny suite — but come on! While Kroy gets to keep the master bedroom and adjoining master bath?! It totally sounds like the judge kicked her out of her own bedroom! (Though it may be for the best they don’t share a bedroom, considering they still can’t keep their hands off each other… Oh man, that’s also pretty sitcom-esque now that we think of it!)

The kitchen and living room are common areas where each can congregate, but the two personal spots are to be kept VERY separate.

You know it’s serious when a judge starts getting specific about who can go into what room! And it’s not just living quarters controversies, either. The new docs also demand Kim and Kroy act kindly towards each other around the estranged couple’s four children. Referencing Kroy Jr., 12, Kash, 11, and twins Kaia and Kane, 9, the docs state:

“Neither parent shall disparage the other parent in the presence of or earshot of the minor children.”

Additionally, neither parent is allowed to listen in on the other one’s alone time with the kids, nor can Kim or Kroy use the children as go-betweens to send messages to the other adult. So, basically, the docs order the two embattled stars to stay civil and polite! And live separately… under the same roof!

It may sound drastic and highly-detailed, but when you consider the fact that cops have been called to their home multiple times in recent months, maybe having the court lay it out like this is a good thing. Ya know??

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