Josh Duggar’s Wife Anna Spent Her 34th Birthday Visiting Her Husband In Prison?! Ugh…

Anna Duggar is officially 34 years old — and it looks like she celebrated the occasion by, uhhh, visiting husband Josh Duggar in prison?!

The mom of seven took to Twitter on Thursday to reflect on the beginning of another birth year. But it was what she wrote (or, what she implied) that has fans and critics on the social media app feeling some type of way!

Of course, Josh is currently incarcerated after having been sentenced earlier this year to more than 12 years in prison following a guilty conviction for receiving and possessing child sexual abuse material. Anna stayed by his side throughout — much to the dismay of other family members — and it now appears she’s keen on celebrating ALL their milestones in the clink!

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The tweet in question started innocently enough, with Anna announcing that she was “officially 34” as of Thursday morning. But as the former reality TV star explained her plans for the day, she cryptically noted a road trip “to visit my bestie” was on the itinerary. Ch-ch-check that out (below):

“Fourteen years ago I said, ‘YES!’ Road-tripping to visit my bestie. ‘Even If’ by Mercy Me on repeat. ‘Jesus, I will cling to You come what may.’”


Obviously, she doesn’t mention Josh by name. But the “fourteen years ago” remark is a reference to her 20th birthday in 2008, when Josh proposed to her. Couple that with the “bestie” talk and, well, we can only wonder! Just wondering saying!

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Quick-witted fans pondered the same possibility. The replies to Anna’s post are a s**t show, with tweeters alternately supporting her, criticizing her, and begging that she and her seven children get away from the convicted pedophile. Here are just a few of the reactions to Anna’s birthday message (below):

“We may not understand your choices but we must respect them as you respect ours. Have beautifully blessed day.”

“How do you think victims feel when they see this Anna?”

“Praying you get out of this situation. Your children are more important.”

“Please tell us that you’re visiting your bestie girlfriend.”

“Wouldn’t call visiting prison a road trip”

“You need a new bestie, girl.”

“I hope by ‘bestie,’ you don’t mean convicted sex offender…”

“Officially old enough to know better, to do better, and be better.”

“Why would you even tweet something like this knowing full well that you’re going to receive a lot of backlash?”

That last one — THAT is what we want to know!

Who benefits from tweeting this?! It certainly isn’t Anna! All she gets is grief from Twitter users who are gonna bash her anyways, right?? You’d think she would want to lay as low as possible and just hope that people move on, but alas…

Anyways, it’s possible she’s trying to get the most out of the disgraced former 19 Kids And Counting star’s temporary stay in Arkansas before he gets sent off in the federal prison system. At his sentencing last month, Josh’s attorneys requested he be sent to a federal prison near Dallas, where family and friends could conceivably continue to visit easily. Still, what a way to spend your birthday. Reactions, Perezcious readers??

[Image via Anna Duggar/Instagram/Washington County Sheriff’s Office]

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