JoJo Siwa Reveals First Date With Man Who ‘Wanted To Have Sex’ With Her Turned Into A ‘Gay Awakening’

JoJo Siwa just revealed the moment she knew for sure she was gay — during a date with a guy.

After officially coming out in an Instagram story last year by sporting a t-shirt that read “best gay cousin ever,” the singer has been living her best gay life. She was on-again off-again for a while with ex-girlfriend Kylie Prew and has since boo’d up with fellow TikTok star Avery Cyrus (and they make an ADORABLE couple!).

But her orientation wasn’t always as clear as it is now, and her dating life DEFINITELY wasn’t as easy, which she just explained in a Tuesday TikTok titled:

“My gay awakening story time”

In the video, which was in-line with the recent trend of telling a deeply personal story set to the tune of Nicki Minaj’s Super Freaky Girl, the Toddlers and Tiaras alum revealed:

“When I was 12, Demi Lovato came out with the song, Cool for the Summer. I really, really liked it and listened to it all the time — I did not know what it meant back then, but now that I’m much older and understand it, I know what it means.”

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She is of course referring to the fact that the 2015 smash hit served as Demi’s way of telling the world she was bisexual, as she expressed in a 2021 interview with JoJo on 4D with Demi Lovato.

The TikTok continued:

“Then a few years later Jenna Dewan went on Lip Sync Battle — she did a really great Magic Mike number… I pretty much watched it every day.”

Ha! Jenna dressed as her then-hubby Channing Tatum dancing to Pony? That’ll do it! See what she’s talking about (below):

She continued:

“Little me — she didn’t know she was gay. UNTIL, a couple years later…”

Now this is where things get really inneresting. She confessed:

“A man was my first date. And he wanted to have sex with me. And I did not want to, never wanted to, grossed out by the thought of it, immediately knew, men are NOT my thing.”

Poor little JoJo! We’re so happy she was eventually able to come to terms with her sexuality and is now able to reflect on it in fun ways!

BTW, many fans speculate the individual she was referring to in the TikTok was singer Matthew David Morris, AKA MattyB, who she was rumored to have dated back in 2015. Whomever it was, we wonder how she knew he wanted to have sex…

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See the full video (below):



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It’s just great she’s now living her life so authentically these days — and no more awkward af dates! Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Images via JoJo Siwa/Instagram & TikTok, & Demi Lovato & Comedy Central Latinoamérica/YouTube]

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