JoJo Siwa ‘Exposed’ Candace Cameron Bure As The ‘Rudest Celebrity’ She’s Met In Hollywood! Whoa!

It’s a very different kind of very special episode today…

JoJo Siwa is known for her positivity, but lately she’s also become increasingly known for not taking any crap from anyone — not from Nickelodeon, not from anti-LGBT conservatives, and apparently not from other celebs!

In a no-effs-given TikTok video on Sunday, the Dance Moms alum took part in a little online challenge in which she quickly flashed photos on her phone to the camera to answer some tough questions about other celebs she’s met during her time in Hollywood. The spiciest?

“Rudest celebrity I’ve met…”

The answer came out of nowhere to imply a celeb feud we had no clue about! JoJo didn’t back down! While she only showed the pic for the briefest moment, she had to know folks could pause the video and see the celeb she was naming was…

Candace Cameron Bure!

Whoa, what?! Say it ain’t so, DJ Tanner! Her whole brand is about being nice! What did she do?! Remember, JoJo spent time with Abby Lee Miller, so whatever rudeness she experienced at the hands of Candace must have been monumental!

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JoJo didn’t actually say anything about the beef with the Full House alum, just the pic. However, it led many fans to assume it had something to do with Candace being a devout conservative Christian who has been, let’s say, not exactly an ally when it comes to LGBT rights. She said during her time on The View that she she thought that bakery should be allowed to discriminate against gays. Pretty gross.

Is it possible she and JoJo had words about it? Candace certainly wouldn’t be the first conservative to blast the Hold The Drama after she went public with her sexuality. (They especially don’t like someone who is so beloved by young people showing them that being gay is OK.)

Of course, we don’t really know. Maybe they had words over a parking space! LOLz! Something tells us someone is going to try to get it out of JoJo sooner or later, and she might just spill!

Speaking of which, see which which other celebs she “exposed” in her video (below):


Pool day = exposed hahahha

♬ stir fry sped up – speed songs

For those who couldn’t catch the super quick pics, nicest celeb was Miley Cyrus, celeb crush was Zendaya, and coolest celeb was Elton John. The celeb who did her dirty was, of course, Spongebob Squarepants. He knows what he did. Ha!

BTW, JoJo probably got the challenge idea from her BFF Meghan Trainor, who also had some fun with it. Of course, she hilariously said the “rudest celeb” was her hubby, Spy Kids star Daryl Sabara. But she did cause a stir with her answer to the celeb she had the most tea on: Harry Styles! Man, now there are TWO stories we’re desperate to hear!


Shook by the last one @chris #trend #reaction #surprise #tea

♬ stir fry sped up – speed songs

[Image via JoJo Siwa/Candace Cameron Bure/Instagram.]

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