JoJo Siwa BLASTS Backlash She Received From Employer For Coming Out — But Nickelodeon Straight Up Denies!

JoJo Siwa is opening up about what it was like to come out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community while having such a young fan base.

In a new TikTok out on Wednesday, the dancer slammed an unnamed employer for having a negative reaction to her coming out in 2021. While dancing along to Meghan Trainor’s Mother, text on-screen explained:

“In January 2021 I come out to the world. The company I work for told me they needed to have a meeting w/ me ASAP. During this meeting, the PRESIDENT of the company negatively asked me ‘what are you gonna tell your young demographic?’ I took a second to process what I was just asked, and then… I replied… ‘THE TRUTH’”

Love her confidence!

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This was obviously not the answer her boss wanted to hear, she dished:

“I’ve never seen a man roll his eyes so far in the back of his head. It was silent so I started talking again… I said ‘I’m not gonna hide who I am and who I love to anyone, ESPECIALLY to the next generation.’ He didn’t like that very much.”

But she doesn’t regret her decision, noting:

“SO many adults say to me ‘I wish I had someone like you when I was younger.’ Which reminds me every time that I did the right thing and to never let ANYONE change who you are.”

In the caption, the 19-year-old said if she had to do the meeting all over again, she’d simply put Meghan’s track on blast. LOLz! Ch-ch-check it out!


Inspired by a true story.???? (side note if that meeting was today I would literally just press play on this song….)

♬ Mother – Meghan Trainor

Interestingly, one of JoJo’s most notable employers is now speaking out and insisting this hate wasn’t coming from them! Nickelodeon clapped back at the video in a statement to E! News on Thursday, revealing:

“We are unaware of what incident or meeting JoJo is referencing, but it certainly did not happen at Nickelodeon. We have valued and supported JoJo since day one of our relationship together and we still do today.”

To prove how supportive they have been — and continue to be — of the Dance Moms alum, Nick announced they have curated a PRIDE Capsule Collection with JoJo that will be available in May with a portion of the proceeds set to benefit GLSEN, an organization supporting LGBTQ+ youth in school. Very cool!

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That said, it’s not like the singer hasn’t had issues with the company before. Around the time she came out, she actually put Nick on blast multiple times! First, she claimed the company wasn’t letting her use new songs from her film The J Team on her D.R.E.A.M. Tour in September 2021. She took to Twitter to express her frustration, writing:

“These are MY songs, MY voice, MY writing. Does this seem fair??? There is no reason that this music should not be included. Working for a company as a real human being treated as only a brand is fun until it’s not.”

Oof. Not the best look for Nick…

Things escalated last April when she revealed she hadn’t been invited to the Kids’ Choice Awards — despite the fact she was nominated for Favorite Social Music Star! Totally sus. While it’s nice the duo is partnering up for a new collab, it sucks JoJo’s been met with so much negativity while living her most authentic life! Whether or not this incident involved Nick… Reactions?! Sound OFF (below)!

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