Jessica Simpson Mommy-Shamed For Giving 3-Year-Old Daughter Birdie A Pacifier

The mommy-shamers are at it again…

Jessica Simpson caused quite a stir with some of her followers on Instagram this week when they noticed her 3-year-old daughter, Birdie Mae Johnson, was still using a pacifier. The little one could be seen sucking on a binky in several pictures posted on the platform Sunday while enjoying a lake vacation with her family. In one snapshot, Birdie sat on her father Eric Johnson’s lap as she had the pacifier in her mouth — and then again in another group shot on board the boat. Swipe to ch-ch-check out the photos (below):

Looks like nothing more than a fun family vacation, right? Well, many social media users could not help but spoil the fun by slamming Jessica for letting her toddler still use a pacifier at her age. They wrote in the comments section:

“Birdies a little old for a binkie don’t you think”

“Is that a pacifier!?????”

“Birdie and that pacifier! Needs to go”

“That is just lazy parenting. Isn’t Birdie like 4? And she still has a pacifier? Not good.”

“That kid is too old for a binky though.. That will definitely mess up her lips lol”

“Passy needs to be gone… It messes up their teeth so bad… my friend is finding that out he kid has major dental issues”

“On a pacifier still? Wow”

“Lovely family, Birdie seems WAY too old for a binkie”

You get the gist. There were a ton of judgmental comments like this questioning the 42-year-old singer’s parenting. And if that was not bad enough, the hate didn’t stop there as others also had some awful things to say about her appearance in the pics. The comments section was truly brutal…

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And while Jessica has not responded to the negative reactions, several fans came to her defense and called out the toxicity in the comments section, hitting back:

“I’ll never understand why people come to her feed to say mean things. You all need help doing things like that. How she leads her life is not your business.”

“Holy f**k this feed is filled with a shit ton of judgmental comments. Water your own grass and mind your business!”

“Your kids are so cute :3 so many judgy comments about Birdie’s paci, I know the struggle. My youngest was so hard to break from hers & then she switched to her thumb”

“I honestly hope Jess doesn’t read the disgusting comments on here. It must be soul destroying having your photos picked apart online by strangers. And before anyone starts with the oh she’s a public figure, NO that does not give you a free pass to say horrible things, she is human, this is her space & we know nothing about her personal life aside from what she decides to share.”

“She is only a toddler maybe it was the only thing@to calm her in the boat ride! looks like it was nap time!”

“So many judgmental people on this post omg … looks like you had a wonderful lake day!”

“These comments do NOT pass the vibe check. This is a normal family having a fun day out with their kids; but because she is famous, you have to pick apart everything. If you don’t want to say anything nice, shut it”

Hopefully Jessica didn’t let the hate get her down — especially since she was just trying to celebrate her birthday when this started to go down.

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[Image via Jessica Simpson/Instagram]

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