Jessa Duggar DEFENDS Disgraced Dad Jim Bob… As Cousin Amy Blasts Family Members Who ‘Can’t Be Trusted’

Jessa Duggar Seewald isn’t hearing any criticism about her family on Instagram.

But her cousin is NOT on that same page — and who can blame her since the trial?! Ooooh, boy! There is LOTS of Duggar Drama coming y’alls way right now!

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It all started on Tuesday morning, when Jessa posted a photo of her notorious father, failed local Arkansas politician Jim Bob Duggar, holding her baby daughter Fern.

The proud momma reflected on Monday’s joint birthday celebration for the two generations of Duggar family members, writing how she “love[s] them both dearly” along with sharing the smiling pic:

Sweet, right?! Well, unless you consider Jim Bob’s most deplorable behavior that was outed in Josh Duggar‘s child porn trial. He not only covered it up, he continued to fight against the wheels of justice even amid the shocking new allegations against his son!

Well, in the comments of that post, one fan who’s been paying attention questioned Jessa’s free will in publishing the pic:

“Blink twice if your parents are making you write these posts.”


That comment was eventually taken down — and the 29-year-old later set the comments on the whole post to be limited. But not before the 19 Kids and Counting alum decided to respond to that nasty commenter! Defending her dad in her own since-deleted comment, which was later screenshotted for a post on a Reddit forum about the family, Jessa replied:

“I happen to deeply love and appreciate my parents. I know I have my own flaws, as do they, but we choose to extend grace to one another and we have a wonderful relationship. If you cannot handle that, feel free to move along.”


Immediately, other fans in the Reddit thread responded to Jessa sharing her testy take in response to the original comment:

“What ‘flaws’ is Jessa referring to that she has that even compares to the flaws of her parents?”

“What are you hiding Jessa that your parents need to ‘extend grace’ to You?”

“Though I disagree with her statement, I thought she actually handled it better than the baby shower big mad. This is what it means to live in the public eye. She chose it. Now she gets to decide how to handle it.”

“Being abusive is just a flaw, nothing to worry about. Got it.”

“I get loving people you shouldn’t love and keeping them in your life. It would be great if they’d all break free and stop being friggin bigots, but Jessa as of recently would really benefit from just leaving everything behind.”

“The ‘flaws’ your parents have, lying under oath, smacking a baby for getting off a blanket, shunning family members, and protect a monster like Josh. Those aren’t just ‘flaws’ those are valid reasons to distance yourself.”

Not shy about sharing their opinions, are they?! Then again, considering some of the “flaws” apparent within the Duggar clan lately… yeah, we get it. BTW, you can see that Reddit thread with the screenshot of Jessa’s response HERE.

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But do y’all see that last comment (above) — the one about how “flaws” are “valid reasons” to distance oneself from family members in certain situations?! One family member definitely agrees!

In a message cousin Amy Duggar King posted to her Twitter account back late on Saturday night, Amy re-shared a viral video of the Usher meme, only about ditching troublesome family members. With it, she added some of her own cryptic words:

“You have to surround yourself with people and especially family who are healthy individuals. Who are healthy examples to your children, who will protect them. It’s OK to have huge boundaries if they can’t be trusted. Especially those who hide behind religion.”

Here is that post (below):

Family members who “can’t be trusted”? Wow. Definitely two ways of looking at the same Duggar situation, we suppose…

What do y’all think of Jessa’s IG commentary, Perezcious readers?? And Amy going the complete opposite way?! Sound OFF with your take on this family fracas down in the comments (below)…

[Image via Jessa Seewald/YouTube/Amy Duggar King/Instagram.]

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