Jenelle Evans SCREAMS About Texts In Audio Of Husband David Eason’s Furious Phone Call To Ex!

Are David Eason‘s texts to his ex enough to destroy a marriage that has weathered multiple claims of violence against women, children, and household pets? They really might be…

For the past week we’ve been learning Jenelle Evans‘ scary hubby has all the normal red flags in addition to, you know, the confederate ones. David’s ex Whitney Rich, mother of his 16-year-old daughter Maryssa, leaked a handful of upsetting messages he sent her last year. He told her he missed her, still dreamed about her, wished things were different, wished her could turn back the clock, all the worst things you definitely don’t want to learn your husband is texting to his ex.

When Jenelle wiped David’s presence from her TikTok page, fans started to wonder if this had finally cracked her unbreakable devotion to this scary jerk. Frankly we figured it may just be wishful thinking. Fans have wanted her to get away from the alleged abuser for years. But it’s clear she’s EXTREMELY upset.

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Whitney and her husband Shane Rich gave The US Sun a followup to the text message story. David and Jenelle reached out, and they were pissed! In audio of the call obtained by the outlet, Shane defends the texts after apparently being accused of lying, attesting:

“It ain’t lying when there’s text messages.”

David, already off the deep end, threatens:

“Mother f**ker it’s gonna be completely brought out to the light if you don’t tell the God-damn truth and you’re gonna lose your mother f***ker trailer, your f**king nutsack and everything you’ve ever dreamed for in your mother f**king life bitch. I promise you that, boy!”

Jenelle is David’s side — but that seems largely contingent on what he’s told her about the texts. She apparently is under the impression they’re faked somehow, that the couple put the name “David” on text messages from another number. The Sun says they verified the messages are from David’s number btw. But we guess she believes her hubby over everyone else — no shocker there. However, she does challenge Whitney and Shane to prove their accusations, saying:

“Shane, why don’t you send the text messages with the actual phone number and take away where it says ‘David’ on those messages.”

Shane responds:

“Do you want to see that, Jenelle?”

She shouts back:

“Of course I do! Why wouldn’t I?! Wouldn’t you, since you’re married?”

Shane says:

“I know… It’s the truth and you’re gonna find out it’s the truth and I have no problem…”

Then Jenelle SCREAMS:

“Then send it to me!”

Here’s where we’re really thinking hard about this. Is she so angry because she doesn’t believe it’s real? And someone is lying about her marriage? Or is she screaming because she’s afraid it is real? And her husband is the one lying to her??

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When Shane again says it’s the truth, David barks, “Then get off the God-damn phone and send it” — then hangs up. You can listen to that convo HERE.

Whitney and Shane tell the Sun they have since tried to get in touch with Jenelle to show her the texts in person so she can see that they’re real, but she has not responded.

Innerestingly, amid all this, Jenelle returned to TikTok with a very upset post late Tuesday night, tearfully saying to the camera:

“At this point in my life, I just like… I feel very betrayed by every person in my life. Literally. Everyone.”

Everyone. Everyone meaning including her husband?


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She goes on to blast all the stories being written about her, complaining she has been a target since she was 16 years old, etc. But she doesn’t get into specifics. She seems to miss that the stories lately have been about one thing — this awful guy she’s married to!

We just keep coming back to that line — “betrayed by every person in my life.” Not “except David.” Not “every person in our life.” Hmm.

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Is Jenelle really starting to come around and listen to everyone telling her David is bad news? Will it ever happen??

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