Jenelle Evans Said Scary Husband David Eason Has ‘Stockpile Of Weapons’ & ‘Explosives’ On Their Property!

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

As the ongoing controversy surrounding Jenelle Evans and David Eason continues to swirl, newly-revealed court documents from 2019 are unearthing a shocking story even beyond what was known.

A new report published by The Sun on Monday revealed never-before-seen court documents from four years ago — when the Teen Mom 2 alum filed an order of protection against Eason. At the time, as Perezcious readers may recall, Jenelle had absconded from the family home and gone to Nashville, Tennessee. Away from David, she lived for a while in apparent peace — we even thought the couple were over for good! For a while… before eventually she returned to their home in rural eastern North Carolina.

Of course, in recent months, Jenelle’s teenage son Jace Evans has been the one making headlines after multiple runaway attempts and a Child Protective Services investigation into David that led to child abuse charges. However, these 2019 court documents — which until today had never been released to the public — cast an even darker light on the unsettling situation.

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In her own words in that late 2019 order of protection request, Jenelle begged for assistance from a court in Columbus County, North Carolina. She wrote about her aforementioned move to Nashville:

“I married David on September 23rd of 2017. Since then, he has been abusive and violent toward me. Because of this behavior, I want to leave him. As he has realized this over the past couple of days, he has escalated his threats. Although we previously lived together in North Carolina, my children and I moved to Nashville earlier this week. David does not currently know where I am. But once he learns, I’m afraid he will try to come and find me and hurt me.”

She then continued the court filing by lamenting his “erratic behavior” and specifically calling out his “large stockpile of weapons” supposedly held on their property:

“Because of his recent threats, his history of violence, his erratic behavior and his large stockpile of weapons, I’m scared for my life and the life of my children and my children’s well-being. I have provided below details and documents in some of his past incidents of verbal and physical abuse, property damage, animal abuse and his most recent threats of violence against me.”

OMG! We knew he had guns, but a “stockpile of weapons”?

Then, per the outlet, Jenelle cited eleven horrifying incidents proving her need to stay her away from her husband. In one 2018 incident, David allegedly destroyed their bathroom and verbally abused Jenelle:

“David got angry and destroyed our master bathroom. He tore up the new shelves, broke my prescription glasses, smashed my hair straightener and destroyed a glass vase in the bathroom. I don’t know what started the argument that led to his actions, but after I confronted him about destroying my things, he came to the bathroom while I was taking a bath and screamed in my face as loud as he could to scare me.”

In another incident “approximately one week” after that, Jenelle claimed she was injured in a fall during an argument:

“Approximately one week later I called the police on David after I was injured from a fall. I don’t remember exactly what happened but I know that we were arguing the next thing I remember falling down with him falling on top of me. The fall caused me to injure my collarbone. This was a week after I had septoplasty and was still recovering from surgery.”

Two months after that, in December of 2018, Jenelle claimed David made a social media threat against then-President Donald Trump and then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi over gun rights. Yeah, we saw that one… scary stuff. Regarding that unsettling threat, Jenelle wrote:

“David posted a threat on social media against President Trump and Speaker Pelosi. He was angry because he believed they were going to ban certain types of guns. The post, which we’ve referenced Trump and Pelosi in the caption, showed David shooting an assault rifle.”

And she horrifically continued:

“As a result of the post the Secret Service came to our house to talk to him. In response to the officers’ visit, David posted videos threatening to shoot Secret Service agents and showing off his stockpile of ammunition. He has a large amount of ammunition, explosives and guns in the house, including semi-automatic firearms like an AR-15.”

Sorry, “explosives”?!? WHY???

Sadly, the incidents didn’t involve only Jenelle. On the day before Valentine’s Day 2019, Jenelle claimed David got into such a loud argument with her — and so violently broke things at home that their daughter Ensley, now 6, became upset. The MTV alum wrote:

“David became angry at me again. He said, ‘I’m going to break everything in this motherf**ker,’ gesturing at the house. I took a video of this incident and it shows him going into the master bedroom and shutting the door. On the video, you can see a hole in the door from a previous argument. The video shows spilled coffee on the floor and our daughter Ensley can be heard crying in the background. I have attached pictures as Exhibit 6 that show broken glass, turned-over barstools, spilled coffee all of which were a result of his actions.”

Then, less than a week later, David was allegedly involved in another incident involving Jenelle’s son Kaiser, who is now 9 years old. Evans claimed:

“David told me, ‘you can die for all I care. You’re a piece of s**t. Biggest piece of s**t I’ve ever seen.’ When he said this, I was recording him on my phone. When David saw I was recording him he flipped off the camera. That same day, I took a video of David locking my car door with the car running with my son (his stepson), Kaiser, inside the car. He did this because he was angry at me. I had to tell Kaiser to unlock the car. While Kaiser was trying to unlock it, David continuously locked it again with my spare key, scaring both me and Kaiser.”


The list goes on with other similar incidents, per the US Sun. And yes — it also details the now-infamous and much-reported event where David shot and killed Jenelle’s French bulldog Nugget after it nipped at Ensley in May of 2019.

FWIW, Jenelle was granted a temporary order of protection in early November of 2019. That order was later lifted after David and Jenelle reconciled in January of 2020 and the MTV vet filed to have the legal protection dropped for good.

Jace is not mentioned anywhere in these newly-unearthed incidents. At the time, he was under the custody of and living with Jenelle’s mother Barbara. He has since gone back to live with Barbara in recent weeks following CPS intervention and the child abuse charges filed against David. For now, both Ensley and Kaiser continue to live in the family home in rural North Carolina with Jenelle and her husband.

Given all this, it’s hard to believe Jenelle stayed with this man, but she did. Will his texts to his ex change all that? We certainly hope so…

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