Jenelle Evans DELETED Her TikToks With David Eason — Is It Because He Was Texting His Ex?!

Is Jenelle Evans finally taking steps away from her scary husband??

Fans of the Teen Mom alum who have been rooting for her to get away from the allegedly abusive David Eason got some hope over the weekend. Jenelle seems to have really pruned the heck out of her TikTok — deleting almost every video featuring her husband! Whoa!

Obviously followers were quick to construe there was trouble in… well, not paradise. They were also quick to speculate why! And no, it isn’t the widely reported criminal charges of child abuse against her son — as predicted right here on, it’s because of the damned text messages.

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Yep, just last week David’s ex Whitney Rich spilled to The US Sun that he’d messaged her last year telling her how much he thought of her, that he even said:

“I dream about you all the time.”

He said he wished he “could turn back the clock” and then he complained about his marriage and Jenelle being too dirty. Yeah… ick!

We predicted at the time this would be the type of thing to make her leave David, not more abuse or animal cruelty accusations. Typical cheating husband crap. Sigh.

But it’s likely this is just another bump in the road for the couple, who apparently have a very rocky relationship. In a Reddit thread discussing all things Jenelle, a fan asked other followers:

“Jenelle has taken down most of her TikToks with David. Has this happened before?”

Someone more used to the couple wrote back:

“About every other week. Nothing says healthy mature adult relationship more than blocking each other and removing pics/videos on social media.”

As for the reason for the split, some voiced what we’re all thinking:

“Is this cause he was texting Whitney?”

“She’s mad about the texts”

“Specifically the dirty bed room pics that were included, I think. Him texting his ex makes him look bad. But him outing her/making her look bad is where she draws the line! How dare he show her slip’n!”

“Ding ding ding. She prob pretended to not too bothered yesterday when it was about David dreaming of her, but him showing the clothes on the floor calling her a pig to the ex prob pushed her over the edge.”

Another cynical fan implied they’d be fine very quickly — as this was all a cycle. And speaking of cycles…

“On Monday when he’s lovebombed her and she’s bought him a new motorcycle, they’ll be back on her page.”

Eesh! Yeah, this is all not seeming healthy. All the more reason fans would get their hopes up about her leaving, we guess!

What do YOU think will happen with Jenelle and David eventually? Divorce? Prison? Happily ever after????

[Image via Jenelle Evans/TikTok.]

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