Jason Alexander Claps Back At Britney Spears’ ‘S**t-Faced’ Wedding Revelation!

Jason Alexander is denying everything Britney Spears had to say about their quickie wedding!

The exes famously tied the knot in a late-night Las Vegas wedding ceremony in 2004 before getting an annulment just 55 hours later. Afterwards, Jason has always maintained that they were high school sweethearts who were just that in love with each other. But in her memoir The Woman in Me, Britney walked all that back saying she was really just “s**tfaced” and “very bored.” And just so her take on the wedding was perfectly clear, she added:

“People have asked me if I loved him. To be clear: he and I were not in love.”

Oof. A totally different story than her ex-beau’s been running with! Even to this day!

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Jason hit back at her claims in an interview with TMZ on Wednesday, urging readers not to believe a word about their nuptials in the book! No matter what the Sometimes singer had to say, he claimed they were 100% in love and WEREN’T drunk. Interestingly, the couple’s wedding officiant previously commented on the ceremony and described it similarly, per the outlet, so… yeah. Is Brit exaggerating things? Hmmm…

Regardless of what the Crossroads alum had to say about him, JA noted they’ve been friends since childhood and he still cares for and loves the 41-year-old. He sure demonstrates this in unusual ways, though!

As for the actual book, the scorned ex said he’d never buy the tell-all — but would happily accept a copy only if it’s signed. LOLz! Don’t fall for that, Britney! ‘Cause he’s sure as heck not going to keep it. He told the tabloid he’d probably “sell it to the highest bidder.” Damn. And he really wants us to believe they shared a true, sober love?! Dude’s just using her like everyone else in her life. Ugh.

While he may not have bought the bombshell memoir, he’s sure keeping tabs on the author, tho! Jason said, in his opinion, the mother of two’s abortion amid her surprise pregnancy with Justin Timberlake was a “horrible decision.” Jeez! He also thinks JT did cheat, but broke up with Britney in response to her cheating. Plus, he dragged her for posting nude pics on the internet, calling it “childish behavior” from a parent.

A lot of opinions for someone who won’t be buying the book. Reactions, Perezcious readers? Whose version of the wedding do you believe most? Sound OFF (below)!

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