Jana Kramer’s Cheating Ex Mike Caussin Admits To Using Her As A ‘Scapegoat’ At End Of Their Marriage

Mike Caussin is back on the Whine Down podcast with Jana Kramer for the first time since their split in April 2021! Did anyone see this coming?!

In light of her new memoir, The Next Chapter, the One Tree Hill alum wanted to bring her cheating ex-husband to the podcast for a three-part interview to clear the air — especially about the bombshells she dropped about him! Jana said she was extremely nervous to tell Mike she wrote a book about their nasty divorce as she didn’t want to ruin “how far we’ve come” in their co-parenting relationship:

“We were so bad post-divorce, for a year, and then we got to a good place, and I was like, ‘I don’t want that energy again.”

However, the country singer knew she needed to say something to him, at least to warn him that “[the media] might grab a few of the stories.” When Mike first heard the news, he was “skeptical” about the book.

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But at the same time, he knew “things have evolved so much” since the post-divorce debacle that he wasn’t as concerned about what Jana said in it as he would’ve been before. Although Mike knows there are things in the memoir that would “bother” him, he refuses to let it get in the way of their healthy co-parenting situation right now. He told his ex:

“I trust our relationship more now than I ever have. And I believe Jana, what her point and her narrative is. If I read it, are there things that would bother me? Sure… But it was a whole different lifetime ago.”


Who would have thought Jana and Mike could get to such an amicable place?! She didn’t hold back the details about their messy relationship in the book, even revealing how he called her a “f**king cripple” and threw things at her while she was recovering from breast augmentation surgery in 2021. You know, at the same time he was cheating on her! So the fact Mike isn’t sweating the memoir details? It goes to show how much positive progress he and Jana have made!

In fact, Mike even took some accountability on the podcast for his past actions leading to the end of their marriage! He admitted to listeners:

“I used Jana as my scapegoat… I was like, ‘If I can blame it all on her, it’s not my fault.’ And that’s bulls**t.”

We aren’t the only ones shocked by Mike owning up to his mistakes. Even Jana shared she “never heard [him] say that” before, adding:

“I do appreciate that.”

Further opening up about their lives, the former couple also talked about Jana’s new relationship with her fiancé, Allan Russell. We’ve heard Mike and Allan have been bonding and getting along with Jana. But what does her ex have to say about Jana not only getting engaged to another man but having a baby with him? While some feel the 39-year-old actress moved on “too soon” after divorcing Mike, he doesn’t agree with the critics at all! The 36-year-old explained:

“On paper is it too soon? Sure, whatever. But, I love Alan, a lot. I have the utmost respect for him. No one else is able to experience or witness what I am able to [between them]. From the moment I met Alan, everything has just been respectful and understanding.”

Even Mike “knew Jana was gonna find someone before” him:

“This is what I imagined it would be like — where everybody is winning. Jana has a man who is incredible and loving and respectful and truthful… so she has what she’s looking for and I have someone who I can trust around my kids and is taking good care of the mother of my kids.”

As for the former football player? Does he have someone special in his life at this time? He revealed to Jana he is “seeing someone right now.” Whoa!

It’s great how Jana and Mike are in such a good place, enough to be so honest about their tumultuous relationship and lives right now. Thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

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