Jana Kramer Reveals How She Busted Mike Caussin Cheating!

Jana Kramer is spilling more tea about her divorce from Mike Caussin!

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live Thursday night, the 39-year-old country singer opened up about the end of her six-year marriage. When a fan asked about what was the “final straw,” Jana, obviously, said it all came down to him cheating on her… again! And he did so while she was recovering from breast augmentation surgery. So yeah, she was “done” with him and his inability to stop cheating! She said:

“Obviously, he’d cheated again and that’s when I was like, ‘I’m done. We’re done.’”

One thing that remained a mystery from their nasty split, though? How did Jana find out? We’re luckily getting the answer! Jana revealed she look through his iPad and found the evidence! Oof. When Andy Cohen asked how, like if she had the passwords to his devices and social media, she explained:

“He didn’t know I did. I had synced up his iCloud account to another iPad that he had no idea about. I would look every so often, and then I put it away because it was unhealthy, but I always had this instinct, ‘Don’t delete the account.’”

Syncing up to the cloud! Oof!

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Good thing she trusted her instincts! Although Jana recognized they were having struggles in their marriage, she knew he wouldn’t stop cheating and needed to get out:

“I think when someone continues to cheat, it’s gonna continue to happen. And at that point, it was gonna be harder to stay than leave.”

A person can only take so much betrayal before they have to say enough is enough. Good for her for leaving. She seems to be happier with her new fiancé, Allan Russell, now! Watch Jana dish more on the divorce (below):

[Image via Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen/YouTube, Nicky Nelson/WENN]

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