Ivanka Trump’s Hilariously Awful Excuse Not To Testify Against Daddy Goes Viral — Then Gets REJECTED!

Wow, this woman should have been sent straight to prison just for making this request! LOLz!

OK, so to catch everyone up who has, more reasonably than us most of the time, been skipping all the Trump news since he left the White House… Donald Trump and the Trump Organization, and its officers, including his two sons Don Jr. and Eric, are in the middle of a civil fraud trial in New York. The NY Attorney General argued they committed financial fraud, lying about the value of their holdings to cheat banks and avoid paying taxes. The judge has already ruled that fraud took place, that’s a done deal. It just took looking at the financial statements they made, it’s a crime committed on paper. The question now is, who’s liable for what?

Thus far the goal has been twofold: first, blame the system, as the former POTUS has done repeatedly in interviews and on social media. It’s all a WITCH HUNT, etc. Same old song and dance as every time he faces consequences. Second? Blame anyone else possible. Don and Eric both testified this week that they knew nothing, they don’t look at property values, they don’t understand property values, they’re just hapless blue collar workers who trusted the wrong experts and signed whatever they were told to sign. Uh huh.

Next week a big witness is scheduled to take the stand: their sister. Frankly, Ivanka Trump is lucky not to be a defendant here, but she isn’t. She apparently kept her hands clean of all this? In any case, she obviously knows something about it. And she’s been subpoenaed to testify. We don’t know what she’ll say, but there’s one thing she’s made perfectly clear this week — she does NOT want to get up on that stand!

Ivanka tried this week — rather last minute, mind you — to get out of testifying. She filed a request to skip out, arguing in part that she would suffer “undue hardship” if she were forced to testify “in the middle of a school week.”

Yeah. She really said that s**t.

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Let’s all be clear about this now. Everyone who has ever served jury duty knows how hard it is to meet the threshold of being excused for hardship. This isn’t even that, where she could just be replaced by the next citizen in line. She’s a material witness. She worked for the company being accused of fraud, she worked directly with the defendants. She knows things. It’s her obligation. Normal folks do not get out of testifying just because it’s Monday-Friday. That’s when the courts are open, y’all.

OK, now let’s talk about what a “hardship” this is for her. This woman has a personal estimated net worth of $300 million. Not to mention her husband’s dough. Thanks to deals Jared Kushner got right after his time as a senior advisor in the White House — being President Trump’s point man who brokered a peace deal with Israel and the rest of the Middle East. (How’s that going right this second, btw?), his company got $2 billion of Saudi money. He has an estimated net worth of $800 mil. Together they’re BILLIONAIRES.

Ivanka has more money, more resources than normal folks like you or us will ever see in our lifetimes. She has the money for round-the-clock childcare, for nannies, for a freakin’ au pair if she wants. For her to invoke the “hardship” of being a mom?

She tried to say she couldn’t come all the way to New York City for a day because she lives in Florida, and she’s a MOM! Never mind the fact she flew to Beverly Hills last week for Kim Kardashian‘s birthday party last week. And flies all over the place all the time. Or the fact she’s in NYC all the time because she still has businesses there.

Unsurprisingly, her answer went viral as everyone who has ever faced REAL hardship took offense. Some great responses of the masses:

“I would like a televised event where Ivanka Trump explains to deployed military personnel how a 48-hour trip to New York poses an undue hardship to herself and her kids.”

“She has 6 nannies, 4 babysitters, a live-in staff, a mother-in-law who lives 2 blocks away and a sister-in-law who watches her kids whenever she needs her to. But yeah, better pause the trial for Princess Ivanka because “it’s a school week” and this creates “undue hardship.” GTFO”

“As if her many nannies can not take care of her kids”

“Gosh you know maybe the Nannies all have the day off so she doesn’t have childcare??”

“She went to Greece for a week during a school week. She went to Oregon during the school week… out to a party last Thursday… But that’s different.”

Thankfully the NY appeals court DENIED her request. She’ll have to appear at the Manhattan Supreme Court on Wednesday as scheduled.

But the main takeaway is pretty clear. Whatever she knows, she does NOT want to get on the stand and say it. Because if she had all the right answers, if she could exonerate her father and siblings and save the family millions of dollars, why wouldn’t she? Wouldn’t YOU hop on a plane to NYC if you could save your family?

No, whatever answers Ivanka has, they must be terrible for the Trumps. And now she’ll have to give them. Or, you know, pull an Eric up there and say she knows nuthin’.

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