Ivanka Trump Has To Testify Against Daddy Donald?! Whoa!

Donald Trump may want the world to think he is cool, calm, and collected, but after this ruling, there’s no WAY that’s the case!

On Friday, a judge in New York ruled Donald’s beloved (like, very creepily beloved) daughter Ivanka Trump will have to testify against him in the ongoing civil fraud case that’s being pursued against the family business! Whoa!!

A surprise ruling by a Manhattan court came down on the final workday of the week ordering Ivanka to step up to the plate (er, the witness box) and deliver evidence under oath — whether she wants to or not!

Her lawyers had tried to argue that she shouldn’t have to give evidence in the civil fraud case against Donald, her brothers Eric and Don Jr., and several Trump Organization executives. Their argument was that she left the Trump Org in 2017 to work for the Apprentice alum in the White House. Then, because she never returned to the biz after that, she wouldn’t have any info about its activities. They filed a motion to quash a subpoena for her testimony, which New York Attorney General Letitia James has long been pursuing. But the judge wasn’t feeling Ivanka’s legal team!

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Judge Arthur Engoron — yes, the same one who has fined Donald $15k so far for badmouthing officers of the court — sided with the state of New York on Friday in their request for her testimony. And then he took it one step further! Ivanka’s lawyers had also been begging the court not to make her testify in NYC because she resides in Florida now. But Judge Engoron called BS on that request, too, by pointing out she still has business ties and real estate holdings in Manhattan — so she’s there all the time! If she can do business in the Big Apple, the judge stated, she can take care of legal issues:

“Ms. Trump has clearly availed herself of the privilege of doing business in New York.”

Now, for what it’s worth, Judge Engoron specifically chose NOT to schedule Ivanka’s testimony right away. It’s planned for sometime after November 1, which purposely gives her lawyers time to appeal his decision. Thus, there’s still a chance she could wriggle out of it. But we don’t see why she should get to, we mean, if the goal is the truth, she definitely has information here. That would seem to us just another example of Trump getting special treatment — as much as he whines about being persecuted.

Of course, AG James has accused the former President of purposely overstating his wealth on financial statements sent to banks, insurers, and investors in order to secure advantageous loans and business deals — all while purposely understating it to pay less in taxes. The state of New York is seeking $250 million in penalties against The Donald — and a ban on him ever doing business there again! It’s the first of many trials for Trump in the next year or so — and it’s not looking great so far.

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