Insurance Company SUES Amber Heard In Effort To Avoid Paying Her Johnny Depp Judgment & Legal Fees!

More legal trouble!!

Amber Heard is now facing a lawsuit from her former insurance company, The New York Marine and General Insurance Company, which is desperate not to fork over millions following her defamation case against Johnny Depp!

The company initially insured the Aquaman star from July 18, 2018 through July 18, 2019, during the time she published her Washington Post op-ed, which was later deemed defamatory. The insured period also included the March 1, 2019 filing date of Depp’s lawsuit, meaning they’ve been on the hook to help Amber throughout this legal fight — but now they don’t want to! They’re officially trying to cut ties with her!

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On Friday, The New York Marine and General Insurance Company filed a suit against Heard in the US District Court for the Central District of California. According to Law&Crime, which obtained a copy of the legal doc, the insurance company is asking for three major things, all related to money. First, they would like to be absolved of any duty to pay for Amber’s defense throughout her defamatory case. Secondly, they are asking that they not have to pay the $10.35 million judgment their former client owes her ex-husband. And lastly, they don’t want to be forced to pay ANYTHING related to the ongoing litigation associated with a possible appeal.

According to New York Marine, Amber was covered by a $1 million insurance policy while she was under contract with them. Normally, an insurance company would be forced to help bail their client out of trouble, but in their complaint, they are claiming that alleged foul play should relieve them of their obligation to help her out of financial problems.

Additionally, they noted California insurance law states that while an insurance company might be liable for an insured party’s negligence, “an insurer is not liable for a loss caused by the willful act of the insured[.]” Because a jury found the actress guilty of acting with malice when she penned her now-infamous article about being a survivor of domestic violence, the insurance company does not think they should have to indemnify her since she acted willfully.

But the suit didn’t stop there…

It went on to claim that an unauthorized change in the leadership of Amber’s policy should also forgive them of a responsibility to pay. The complaint explained that New York Marine agreed to continue covering the Zombieland lead on October 1, 2019 — but that they would only cover her through the law firm Cameron McEvoy. However, on November 2, 2020, Cameron McEvoy allegedly withdrew from the counsel at the advice of Amber or her attorney. New York Marine is now arguing that they did not approve of this change in counsel and shouldn’t have to pay the 36-year-old’s legal fees because of that.

Interestingly, this isn’t the only legal trouble Amber has faced when it comes to her former insurance companies. She also had homeowners insurance through Travelers Insurance in 2018, with a rep from the company notably in court throughout the six-week trial, often seated in the gallery directly behind their client.

They filed a separate lawsuit last year calling out New York Marine for “failure to meet its obligation to provide [Heard] with independent counsel and other counsel necessary to defend [Heard].” Because of that alleged failure to support the embattled star, Travelers “has spent and continues to spend substantial sums” for Heard’s defense, according to court filings via The Los Angeles Times. They sued New York Marine for an equitable contribution toward defense expenses, but the case was suspended pending the resolution of Amber’s defamation case.

Hmm. This remains a sticky situation for the star!! Knowing that she is said to be broke after racking up years of legal fees plus the $10 million she now owes the Pirates of the Caribbean alum, we’d think she’d be desperate to hold onto New York Marine’s help! She’s yet to make a statement on the new lawsuit, though — you know, besides wanting to have a new trial based on a juror error. Thoughts? Do you think the insurance company should still have to help her?

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