Instagram Model Claims Her 22-Pound (!!) Breasts Got Her Kicked Off Plane!

An Instagram model, who goes by Mary Magdalene online, is claiming she got kicked off an airplane because of her appearance — and her 22-pound boobs!

The model was supposed to fly from Canada to Dallas on Wednesday when she was kicked off the plane supposedly for wearing headphones and ignoring instructions from a flight attendant. But she claims that the real reason she had to give up her seat (which cost her $5,000!) was because of body discrimination — specifically, for her 22-pound boobs, as reported by TMZ.

Mary argued on IG:

“I got kicked off [the flight] for how I look please stop discrimination please this is disgusting I feel so [embarrassed] and [dehumanized].”

She added that she believed she was booted from the flight for looking “too [explicit]” with her large chest, but that the airline couldn’t say that for “legal” reasons.

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Unfortunately, lots of people in her comments seemed to disagree with her stance that it was unfair for her to get kicked off for how she was dressed.

In another post, she clapped back at those critics, saying:

“I do not get how some people are saying its ok that I would get kicked off for what I’m wearing. The point is that the same rules need to apply for everyone!! Its not right to pick and choose who the rules apply to based on appearance/body type.

Discrimination of any kind is not a nice feeling for anyone. If a small chested girl wore the exact same thing, they would not say anything. This discrimination of [enhanced] bodies is very common. Huge on social media platforms and even real life. I am not trying to play victim I am just sharing the reality of what goes on.”

Aside from being discriminated against in person on a consistent basis for her body (which, of course, is a reality nobody should be faced with), Mary also shared that she has a harder time gaining opportunities to grow her social media pages because her content is “deleted” more frequently.

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Thankfully, the model was eventually able to make it to her final destination on a later flight, but she now plans to sue the airline.


Check out her statements on this issue (below).


Do you think the airline was justified!? Are you on Team Mary?? Or do you think this whole thing is just a convenient way to go viral and promote herself?! (And TBH, it’s definitely working!)

Let us know your take on this down in the comments (below)!

[Image via Mary Magdalene/Instagram]

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