Identity Of Boston Celtics Coach Ime Udoka’s Alleged Team Employee Affair Partner Revealed As Married Mom Of Three!

The employee of the Boston Celtics who allegedly had the affair with coach Ime Udoka leading to his suspension has been identified.

According to a new report, the woman involved in the sordid situation with actress Nia Long‘s fiancé is said to be Kathleen Nimmo Lynch, a 34-year-old married mother of three who works as the Celtics’ team services manager. On Thursday morning, first reported Lynch’s identity and job description. The outlet also cited a source who claimed the affair “was consensual, short lived, and had ended by the time investigators got involved.”

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Of course, Udoka has since been suspended from coaching the Celtics for the entirety of the 2022-23 season. That move shocked the team’s players when they heard about it via social media reports. The outlet also noted that no punishment has been taken against Lynch.

Her role with the team was to serve as the liaison for arranging travel plans, hotel rooms, and game tickets for Celtics family members both in Boston and for road games. She was “likely to have arranged travel” for Long and the couple’s 10-year-old son Kez as part of her job duties.


An insider spoke to the outlet about the team’s investigation into the matter, reporting the Celtics were concerned about the “power dynamic” in the improper relationship. Still, the source shared all indications were that things were consensual between Udoka and Lynch:

“I know the whole story front and back. It’s as basic as can get. All the acts were 100 percent consensual. They didn’t want the distraction going on for long.”

As for Lynch, she has “longstanding personal ties” to Celtics’ legendary star player and former executive Danny Ainge.

Ainge and Lynch, who are both Mormon, are said to have known each other for well over a decade. She reportedly attended Brigham Young University with Ainge’s daughter, Taylor Ainge, and then was hired by the Celtics after she graduated from the school. At the time, Ainge was the team’s executive director of basketball operations. He recently left the Celtics to take a similar position with the Utah Jazz.

An insider explained Ainge was “deeply disappointed” after learning about the affair “early in the summer.” He apparently did not intervene with the investigation, and saw to it that the Celtics concluded their look into what occurred. The source explained more about Lynch’s situation in regards to her connection to Ainge:

“The relationship to the Ainge family or where she went to school or her religious affiliation had nothing to do with the severity of the punishment. The good thing is that everyone regrets what happened and is taking responsibility, and humbled, and trying to fight for their families and lives back.”

Now, it seems Lynch has been “left devastated” by the affair’s reveal. She is allegedly “afraid to show her face in public these days,” with an insider explaining:

“She can’t even go to a grocery store.”

Ainge’s daughter also spoke to the news outlet about her close friendship with Lynch and the fallout involving Udoka. Taylor urged people to give privacy to everyone involved, saying:

“These are human beings involved that have families and are dealing with a lot of consequences themselves, and they don’t need people and Twitter and the news media making it worse. There’s a reason that people aren’t discussing this. It’s been investigated and it’s over. The Celtics are doing what they have to do. Ultimately when you run a corporation and you have rules, your hands are tied. It is what it is. I know everyone wants a saucy story, but it’s really just a series of unfortunate events.”

Yeah… especially for Ima and Kathleen’s significant others and children. Doubt they’d call this all “over,” though it certainly sounds like Nia’s relationship with the head coach is. Such a crazy situation. Reactions, Perezcious readers?

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