‘House Of Horrors’ Survivor Jordan Turpin Recalls Hour-Long Walks To Taco Bell ‘In The Middle Of The Night’ After Foster Home Kicked Her Out!!

Jordan Turpin did anything and everything she could to survive.

As we previously reported, the 21-year-old opened up in a recent interview with People about the horrific abuse she and her siblings faced — not just at the hands of her parents in their Perris, California home, but under their foster parents as well. David and Louise Turpin were arrested in 2018 after she escaped their “House of Horrors” and called the police. They later pleaded guilty to 14 counts of abuse a year later and were sentenced to life in prison.

However, Jordan and five of her siblings’ nightmares were not over. Following their traumatizing ordeal with their biological parents, they were placed in a foster home where they were allegedly physically, emotionally, and sexually abused. While the family asked the private foster care agency (who they are currently suing along with Riverside County) for help, it’s claimed never did anything.

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And sadly for Jordan, her struggles didn’t end there. A month before foster parents Marcelino and Rosa Olguin were arrested in March 2021, the teen was put in another home but was kicked out of the new place after visiting her older sister. To make matters worse, the TikToker told People that she later found out that documents filed in court falsely stated that she was already in college and lived in her own apartment.

During that time, Jordan was forced to move between her other siblings’ homes and often went hungry. It eventually reached the point where she went to a Taco Bell one day to ask for a job. She recalls:

“Me and my siblings always used to sing a Taco Bell theme song we made up [when we were trapped]. It’s just always been special to us.”

Walking into the fast food establishment, Jordan was unsure what to do at the moment, recalling:

“I didn’t know what to say on the spot, but I just knew I deeply needed a job.”

They ended up giving her the late shift, and Jordan sometimes “had to walk an hour in the middle of the night to work so I could afford food” since she was never taught how to use the bus. She added:

“It was really scary.”

Understandable, especially knowing what she went through for so long.

On top of that, Jordan also enrolled in college. But due to the memories of her horrible experiences, her depression and inability to sleep made it impossible to live her life:

“Every time my eyes would close, I dreamed about being [in my foster home]. I had to go to the emergency room a lot. I was really, really broken.”

Now, it seems like Jordan is in a better place. She moved into her own apartment in February and gained a decent following of 750,000 on TikTok. The social media personality even has plans to go back to college to study English so she can write a memoir and start a career in motivational speaking. As Jordan expressed to People, she ultimately hopes to inspire her viewers who also may be struggling with similar issues:

“I really want to spread awareness about mental health and how we can make things better. People need somebody to speak up, and I think I can do that. Something that gets me through some really tough times is knowing that I can make a difference one day. I really want to help others and I’m going to stay strong. There’s a lot that I want to do.”

Such an inspiration. We are glad to see that Jordan is doing well after facing such horrible circumstances for a long time. Reactions, Perezcious readers?

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