Holly Madison & Bridget Marquardt Talk Hugh Hefner’s Strangest Habit In Emotional Convo With His Son Marston!

If you think YOU have complicated feelings about Hugh Hefner after what’s come out in recent years, imagine being one of his longtime girlfriends! Or better yet, his son!!!

Three members of the extended Playboy family reunited for an emotional sitdown recently, Monday’s all new episode of the Girls Next Level podcast! Hosts Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt were joined by special guest Marston Hefner, the 33-year-old son of the late publishing magnate. Together they shared memories of living in the Playboy Mansion, being disliked by the staff, and of course, of dealing with Hugh’s eccentricities. It was a real bonding conversation!

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One inneresting habit? Hugh ate the same dinner every night. The same meal, around the same time, almost every single night — lamb chops prepared specially for him by the Mansion’s staff. Marston recalls:

“He needed it, and would get angry if it wasn’t there. If what he expected wasn’t there. If the lambchops weren’t there, he would get upset. That part of my father really makes me wonder. What is it that he needed that routine.”

Holly remembers well — and admitted the need for such a routine in his dinner was so eccentric it made her wonder if Hef had from some sort of autism or obsessive compulsive disorder or other undiagnosed condition:

“I thought about maybe being on the spectrum or maybe OCD, or even just the way at a young age, his life exploded, maybe there’s just certain things you hang onto that like, ‘Wow, I have all this going on around me. Maybe I just need these touchstone things.’”

Bridget may have hit the nail on the head, saying incisively:

“I feel like it was a way to stay in control too, and that was very important to him.”

We’ve heard that from the stories of many women who were involved with him — how he’d voice extremely specific desires and expect them to be sated. And if they weren’t, it could get ugly for everyone involved. Then there were the rules, the curfews, etc. many former models have claimed. All control. Hmm. Marston speculated:

“Maybe just doing these little things made him feel like, ‘I’m safe. My life is good. I have what I need.’”

It wasn’t just sharing war stories, of course. Marston loved his father! And he took great comfort in another specific routine of Hef’s — playing chess with him every Tuesday night. He recalled:

“It was a moment in our lives where he took like, a really special focus on me, and he was just really loving, really supportive. He would play chess with me every Tuesday for family night, and at some point I beat him. I think I beat him legitimately and he was so happy.”

Like we said, complicated feelings! You can listen to the whole fascinating convo (below)!


[Image via DJDM/WENN/Girls Next Level/YouTube.]

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