Here’s Why Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS Brand Just Enjoyed The Biggest Sales Day In Its HISTORY!

Men need SKIMS too!

That seems to be Kim Kardashian‘s take on the matter, since she just launched a menswear line of SKIMS products on Thursday. And judging by the results of the first-day sales, uhhh, yeah, we’d say she was on the money with this!!

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According to a Friday report via TMZ, the Kardashians superstar is rolling in the dough after raking millions of dollars per minute from the SKIMS men’s launch!!! The debut occurred on Thursday, and when the drop happened, the support came through big time!

The numbers are staggering. Per a source who spoke to that outlet, SKIMS not only broke website traffic records upon their men’s launch, but they also pulled in more than 25,000 orders IN JUST THE FIRST FIVE MINUTES! Like we said, that push (and the surge through the rest of the day) translated into millions of dollars of sales each minute.


When the dust settled, the numbers became clear, and Kris Jenner‘s daughter was able to celebrate the milestone: Thursday was the biggest sales day in SKIMS history since they first launched the brand. Unreal!

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Of course, it didn’t hurt that sexy male athletes like Nick Bosa, Neymar, and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander were tapped to model the line. That surely got consumers’ attention! And now Kim is taking that attention all the way to the bank!

Congratulations to her and the SKIMS team on this achievement. We just wonder how Kylie Jenner feels, having launched her own new line this week, too. Gotta take notes and learn from the master on this one, Kylie! Ha!

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