Hayden Panettiere’s Abusive Ex Brian Hickerson Confirms They’re JUST ‘Friends’ — But Could That Change?!

This chapter is closed. Hayden Panettiere’s ex-boyfriend Brian Hickerson has confirmed that the pair are not back together — and aren’t planning on it!

The Nashville star just opened up about forgiving her abusive ex and spending time together with him as friends again — something which understandably scared a lot of her fans who thought it would lead to a full-on romantic reconciliation.

But just after Hayden’s candid new interview with People magazine, Brian is opening up about the state of their relationship — and he’s confirming what she said. It’s over!

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When asked by paparazzi how he and the actress are doing these days, Brian revealed on Wednesday in a video obtained by DailyMail.com:

“Just, ya know, friends.”

Things got more direct when the cameraman wondered if they are getting back together after dating on-and-off for four years. Brian, who was in Los Angeles at the time of the impromptu interview, insisted:

“No, absolutely not.”

Wow! Is this really the end for them?! Hickerson, who went to jail and is currently on probation for alleged domestic violence incidents involving Panettiere, added that they are both “looking forward to new chapters.” As they probably should be, all things considered. Hayden also told People that the duo are just friends, so it seems like that’s the case. For now at least.

The paparazzi then went on to ask Brian about his infamous bar brawl back in May in Los Angeles. He had just recently been released from prison and was meeting up with Hayden at the time. Things went haywire and, in a video taken by a witness, the Heroes alum was seen trying to break up a fight between her ex and a group of patrons. Scary — real red flag stuff.

The real estate agent admitted it wasn’t one of his “finer moments,” adding:

“I can’t really talk about it, but it’s over and done with. Went to treatment. Got help.”

He also noted that his treatment is “absolutely” working and that he feels great. Love to hear that! And thank goodness he recognizes the fight was not a good look.

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Even though a lot of his baggage has been making headlines again after Hayden’s new interview dropped, he didn’t seem to mind. When asked how he feels about the 32-year-old’s candid chat, he sweetly said:

“Oh, it was great.”

Insisting that he will “always” be happy for her, the 33-year-old shared his excitement to see the mom of one get back into acting, continuing:

“I’m excited to see the next opportunities for her. She’s out there, ya know, Scream 6, so… I think everybody [would] like to see it.”

Things seem very amicable between these two! It’s nice to hear that they’re both doing much better after struggling with their own challenges. Here’s to hoping things stay that way!

Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Do you think this is really the end of this relationship?!

[Image via People/YouTube & Brian Hickerson/Instagram]

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