Has The Media Learned Nothing? New Allegations About Britney Spears ‘Living A Lie’ Leave Fans Perplexed!!

Thursday marks the one-year anniversary of Britney Spears‘ first on-the-record, open court remarks about her unimaginably difficult time under the years-long conservatorship.

And fans are marking that moment on social media — while also pointing out some of the unfortunate ironies of the current media coverage around Spears, as well.

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As Perezcious readers will recall, exactly one year ago — on June 23, 2021 — the now-40-year-old pop star stated that she just wanted her freedom back during a particularly poignant public stand in court about the conservatorship. At the time, Britney told judge Brenda Penny that she was hoping for her independence from the oversight, saying on the record:

“I just want my life back. It’s been 13 years and it’s been enough. It makes no sense to make a living for so many people and be told I’m not good enough, that I’m great at what I do and I allow these people to control what I do, it makes no sense at all.”

But after exactly one year of supposed progress, what has really changed?

On Thursday, Britney’s fans and supporters took to various social media outlets to opine on the troubling media coverage still present around the Toxic singer. One fan directed attention at a troubling new cover of Us Weekly, in which the superstar is supposedly at odds with her sons over her recent wedding and life ahead:


And a second IG user, @lesdeuxyourememberthis, added to the conversation, slamming the media with a particularly pointed retort on how headline writers and news coverage veterans apparently haven’t learned much regarding Spears’ personal life:

“What are we doing here?! What! Are! We! Doing!!!!!! It honestly scares me that I’m realizing in my old age that the general public never actually learns and instead only periodically takes a few steps forward, everyone pats themselves on the back for a job well done, and then we take our well-earned steps backward. Or maybe everyone just pretends to make some heroic, righteous step forward but never actually travels anywhere like they’re performing in the Act I finale of Les Miz.”

That’s certainly a strong statement!

Sure, Britney has moved on in an amazing personal way, getting married to her partner Sam Asghari and plopping down cash on a wonderful new house, among other things. But what has changed as far as the media coverage of the pop superstar? Sometimes, it feels like not enough. So invasive! (And this is coming from us!!! We’ve definitely made our own mistakes with this in the past! But it’s long been time to learn and move forward.)

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Over on Twitter, the hashtag #JusticeForBritney has been trending, too, on this one-year anniversary.

Here are just a few of the many thoughts about the Baby One More Time singer’s current situation, and past year:

“[it is] the 1 yr anniversary of when our stronger than yesterday @britneyspears spoke out loud in court. Telling the [world] she was being abused, drugged, blackmailed, forced on birth control, & that she was afraid for her life”

“Today is such an emotional day. It has gone a year. It baffles me to the extent of getting a new round of goosebumps. But the most important thing that is yet to happen is JUSTICE FOR BRITNEY.”

“It’s been one year since Britney testified she was being drugged, abused, sterilized and forced to work against her will. So far there have been no charges. No depositions. No crimes. The people who did this to her should not be able to walk away so easily!”

“A year ago today, Britney was brave enough to speak up about her abuse in court and look where she is now, a year later. Married, happy, living in a beautiful new house, signed a record-breaking book deal and most importantly she’s FREE. So proud of her.”

“The conservatorship was never about helping her. Britney’s rights were stolen for the sake of MONEY. Do something. Because she matters.”


Reactions, Perezcious readers??

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