Harry Styles Made This Girl SOB — By Accepting Her Invitation To Prom!

A young girl from Scotland is living all of our fantasies from One Direction‘s heydays — and she was in tears when she heard the news!

Anna Carty, a schoolgirl from Glasgow, enlisted the help of a radio station to find a date to prom. She sent a message to Capital FM and let the station know exactly who she wanted to be her prom date — Harry Styles!

DJ Katy J called Carty on Thursday to update her on the dire prom date situation. When she answered the phone, Katy opened with a reminder of the big dreams the potential promgoer had: 

“You’re going to be gorgeous, the only thing missing is the prom date, right? … So, now you really are aiming high here, you sent us a message, didn’t you?”

The teen, who is not afraid to let the world know her feelings about her favorite singer, had a cheeky response when asked about her high hopes:

“No one else will do, Harry Styles or nothing!”

We can’t say we blame her! Isn’t it everyone’s fanfiction dream to go to prom with Harry Styles?!

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Katy agreed with Anna’s idea, noting that Styles’ tour would be making a stop in Scotland the same weekend as prom and that he “may as well pop in”! She then dropped a bomb, saying: 

“We tried our best to work some magic behind the scenes and we do have a message from Harry Styles for you if you’d like to hear it?”

That’s right! The hopeful teenager got a personal message from the man himself! And in true Harry fashion, it’s the sweetest! Read what he said in the message (below):

 “Anna, how’s it going it’s Harry Styles here – hello! Look, Katy J passed on your invite to the prom and I’m sure it’ll be a good Scottish party. I would love to be there, so just send me the details and I’ll see what I can do. So, I’ll see you soon!”

‘So, I’ll see you soon!’

Whaaat?! He accepted her prom-posal and asked for more details so he could be prepared to attend! Just think… you could have asked out Harry Styles if you’d been bold enough!

Upon hearing the news, Anna broke down into tears (which is a completely justified reaction!) as Katy J excitedly confirmed the news to the sobbing girl:

“You heard it from the horse’s mouth, I have a feeling that he might rock up at prom!”

We can’t wait to see if he turns up at Anna’s prom! And we really hope she posts lots of pictures to the ‘gram! 

The Scotland native didn’t tell us what the prom’s theme is, but we can’t wait to see what her date will wear! One thing is for sure — it’s Harry Styles — he’s going to make a wild fashion statement! (We’re hoping for an “under the sea” theme so we can get a remake of his 2019 The Little Mermaid look for SNL! Ha!)

Maybe asking your celeb crush on a date isn’t such a bad idea? They might just say yes!

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