Ghislaine Maxwell Is Heading For An All-Too ‘Comfortable’ Time In Prison, Says Prince Andrew’s Cousin

Prince Andrew’s cousin is opening up about her feelings toward Ghislaine Maxwell’s sentencing.

As we reported, the infamous pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s right-hand woman was sentenced to prison for her involvement in his underage sex trafficking ring. She was found guilty on 5 charges and was given what most are considering a slap on the wrist — 20 years!

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Christina Oxenberg, second cousin to the Duke of York and old friend of Maxwell, spoke to The Sun exclusively about her feelings on the issue — and she thinks the convicted sex offender is going to have it too easy:

“While it may be provocative for people to herald threats of stabbings and maggoty food that await her the next 20 years, the reality of her sentence, justly or not, will be much more comfortable for Ghislaine.”

In her continued statement, she claims that Ghislaine’s outer support and “fabulous wealth” will help her thrive in prison:

“She has a vital resource that will make sure she does just fine: support from the outside. Even better [and to her, probably most important], is that that support also comes with fabulous wealth. Money talks just as loudly in prison as anywhere else in the world, in fact even more so, especially to those who don’t have it.”

Christina seems to think that the former socialite will be a “celebrity inmate”, and spoke on her own experience with volunteering in Florida prisons:

“During my time in the Florida prisons, working as a volunteer teaching creative writing, I saw lifelong connections and loyalties made with gifts of food and simple pleasures we wouldn’t think twice about walking past in the outside world. And falling right behind money, Ghislaine has the second biggest insulator: fame. In prison, of course, fame insulates for a different reason. Even if inadvertently, ‘celebrity’ inmates will get extra attention and safety – because anything negative that happens will put scrutiny on the powers that be.”

Whoa…she’s claiming her old friend will get 5 star treatment in prison because it’ll put critical observation on the prison workers if something happens to her!

“But more importantly, to the inmates, celebrities are a real, tangible connection to the outside, and Ghislaine is especially adept at exploiting the power of fame to her benefit.

A lot to digest! But really, is exploiting others for her own benefit that unbelievable from someone who was convicted of sex trafficking minors?

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