Friends Star Lisa Kudrow Thinks Matthew Perry Died Because Of Prescription Drugs??

The entire Friends cast is rightfully in shock and disbelief over what happened to their longtime pal Matthew Perry. Like many of us, they’re also trying to wrap their heads around how this happened — and one of them reportedly has a heartbreaking theory!

According to a source close to Lisa Kudrow told on Sunday that she — and castmates Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, and David Schwimmer — believe Matthew may have taken some medication that didn’t mix well with the hot tub he was in when he was found unconscious. As TMZ reported, Matthew was found by his assistant in the jacuzzi after it appeared he had drowned following a possible cardiac arrest. He’d been playing about two hours of pickleball earlier in the day on Saturday before taking a soak.

No illegal drugs were found at the scene, but he did have antidepressants, anti-anxiety pills, and a prescription drug for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, usually for people with emphysema or chronic bronchitis (he used to be a smoker which could be why he was prescribed this). Considering the 17 Again alum’s public addiction to alcohol and opiates throughout his life, it’s not shocking to hear Lisa thinks he might’ve died as a result of drugs.

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The insider revealed:

“Although no one wants to believe it was medication — prescribed or not — of course that is a thought in their minds.”

That said, the theory isn’t that the 54-year-old overdosed or had fallen into old patterns with drugs, the source clarified:

“They are thinking he must have taken something that did not mix with the warm water.”

Jeez. An investigation is underway to determine what caused his death. If it was some fluke like this, that would be extra tragic since the Fools Rush In star had done so much work to get sober. Acknowledging this, the source added of Kudrow:

“This does not seem real or fair to her or any of the gang… Because Matthew was finally at peace with himself and was having the best year of his life since his book launch almost exactly one year ago. He was enjoying life. He was closer than ever to his folks and actively engaged in his sobriety. She is baffled on what caused his death.”

As many have pointed out, Lisa also finds it eerie that her former co-star’s final Instagram post was of him in the very place he died, the insider detailed:

“He loved his outdoor hot tub and it’s so eerie that his final post on Instagram was him alone in it.”

Moving forward, Lisa — who played Phoebe on the hit sitcom alongside Matthew’s Chandler — is thinking about adopting his dog, the confidant shared:

“Lisa and cast will all be attending his services. Lisa is also considering taking in his beloved dog Alfred.”

Aw! That would be incredibly kind of her. If his immediate family doesn’t want to or cannot take in the pup, we can think of no one better to care for Alfred in this sad time!

We cannot imagine what the Friends cast and all those who knew and loved Matthew are going through right now. He’d survived so much, it is just heartbreaking it had to end like this. R.I.P.

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