Florida Bodybuilder Accused Of Murdering Ex-Wife & Trying To Incinerate Her Body In Backyard Fire

A Florida man was arraigned on Monday after being accused of unspeakable crimes against his ex-wife.

On September 29th, according to a friend, Katie Baunach’s plan was merely to go pick up some belongings from ex Ian Christopher Baunach’s home following their recent divorce. But she never returned, leading the BFF to file a missing persons report a day later.

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When authorities arrived at the scene, they noticed Katie’s car was indeed parked outside of the home — but Ian refused to let them inside.

Katie had reportedly filed a restraining order against Ian last month, claiming he abused one of their two children. Additionally, the bodybuilder was arrested last November on charges of domestic battery by strangulation. So we’re guessing it wasn’t too tough to get a search warrant…

Police later returned with the warrant, but the car was gone by then. However, they found evidence suggesting VERY sinister events had transpired. Detectives sprayed the trunk of Ian’s car with luminol, a chemical that turns blue when blood is present, and according to an unsealed complaint: 

“The interior of Baunach’s vehicle trunk glowed blue after law enforcement applied the luminol.”

Upon further inspection, detectives found “signs of physical struggle” in a hallway inside the home, noting in the report there was the presence of blood all over:

“Law enforcement treated the area with luminol which again glowed blue showing the presence of blood in the previously described hallway. The luminol also reacted and on the wall adjacent to the office door and on the office door frame. Law enforcement discovered a large surface area on three different walls of the Premises which glowed blue when treated with luminol.”

Then, in a safe inside Ian’s home office, law enforcement found “Katie Baunach’s wedding band and engagement ring” — which she was allegedly wearing when she initially left to go collect her belongings. Furthermore, officers found tons of weapons in the safe: an AR-15 upper-receiver, 13 silencers, and a Glock Model 27 .40 caliber pistol, in addition to three rifles and a shotgun in an attic above the garage. Ian was also carrying another Glock .40 at the time of the search. Officers also found a stockpile of steroids in the home, which were not prescribed.

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Law enforcement then took the search outside, where they found the most shocking proof yet: a “fresh burn pile” containing “he fragment of a human mandible with an intact tooth.” Nearby there was a barrel “which reeked of decaying flesh”: 

“Inside the blue fifty-gallon barrel, law enforcement discovered an additional human bone fragment. Law enforcement discovered other suspected human bone fragments in the area surrounding the burn pile.”


Ian denied everything, claiming Katie came over a few nights prior, saying she needed gas for her car. He said when she arrived, the two engaged in an argument “over another woman.” Ian claimed he “did not want to argue” and went to sleep. When investigators informed him they found evidence of blood in his trunk, he blamed it on “groceries he had transported.” The report continued, “when asked about the blood found inside the Premises, Baunach stated that he did not believe the officers,” claiming Katie was not “actually a missing person,” telling cops they “did not have a body.”

The didn’t have an intact body. But they had enough.

The former marine was charged with first-degree premeditated murder, destruction/concealment of physical evidence, and cremating a dead body, as well as possession of 13 unregistered silencers and 12 counts of possession of controlled substances without a prescription. He was arraigned Monday, and is currently being held at the Hendry County Jail, according to booking records. He apparently does not have a lawyer. This is Florida, so if convicted on the charge of first-degree murder, Ian could be facing the death penalty.

What a horrific end for Katie. We are sending strength to her children and family during this unthinkable time. Rest in peace.

[Images via Hendry County Sheriff’s Office/Ian & Katie Baunach/Facebook]

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