Fiona The ‘Loneliest Sheep’ Rescued From Bottom Of Scottish Cliff After She Was Stranded For 2 Years!

Here’s a heartwarming story for ya!

Britain’s “loneliest sheep” Fiona has finally been rescued! Last month, the animal went viral after a kayaker Jillian Turner saw Fiona, with a large fleece, all alone on the shores of Cromarty Firth in the Scottish Highlands. According to the BBC, this sighting occurred two years after the sheep was spotted at the same location, leading many to realize she was stranded all alone! That’s SO much isolation for a sheep, which like to stay in flocks, and it sounds like Fiona was eager to get out of there!

Recalling the latest sighting to The Northern Times, Jillian revealed:

“About half a mile before turning into the Cromarty Firth, we spotted a sheep on a shingle beach at the bottom of some steep, rocky coastline. She saw us coming and was calling to us along the length of the beach, following our progress until she could go no further. She finally turned back, looking defeated.”

Aw!!! The kayaker contacted several organizations for help and over 50,000 people signed a petition. But just because people wanted to help didn’t mean it was an easy fix!

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According to CBC Radio, Fiona’s owner, the Coast Guard, and the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) all believed Fiona’s position was too dangerous to reach for a successful rescue operation. But Fiona had some farmers looking out for her who were willing to handle the challenge!!

YouTube star Graeme Parker, James Parker, Cammy Wilson, Als Couzens, and Ally Williamson all heard about the story and decided to attempt a rescue on Sunday. Speaking to Sky News, Cammy said he thought, “What crazy people do I know that would come and take a little risk with me?”

The farmers used an all-terrain vehicle with a winch attached to lower themselves down the cliffside, which was reportedly over 3,781 feet! Yowza! They then used the same device to carefully carry Fiona back up the cliff, per CBC Radio. Parker told the outlet:

“We weren’t exactly sure what we were going to find when we got there. All we had to go on was drone footage. […] When we got down there, sure enough, Fiona was … right in the middle of the cave in a little patch of sunlight that’s coming through a craggy hole in the ceiling of the cave.”

Fiona was taken to Dalscone Farm in Dumfries and is in good condition. Farmer Ben Best told the BBC “she has settled in absolutely brilliantly” and she “has been eating, drinking.” She’ll be staying in her own pen while she slowly gets to know the other sheep and animals at the farm.

While many around the country are thrilled for her safe rescue, there were some people, including animal rights group Animal Rising, who have argued against her being taken to a farm, insisting she should be taken to a sanctuary instead. Per a Facebook video from the group, they were apparently planning their own rescue mission, but the other farmers beat them to it.

You can see how Fiona’s doing and learn more about the risky rescue (below)!

So glad she’s doing well and no longer in isolation!!

[Image via Sky News/YouTube]

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