Fans LOVE Adam Driver’s Savage Response To Terrible Audience Question!

Adam Driver isn’t letting naysayers get to him.

On Sunday, the Star Wars actor attended Poland’s Camerimage Film Festival to promote his upcoming flick, Ferrari, and he definitely caught our attention!

During a Q&A for the historical piece, in which the 39-year-old plays Enzo Ferrari, one audience member asked him a bit of a loaded question:

“What do you think about [the] crash scenes? They looked pretty harsh, drastic and, I must say, cheesy for me. What do you think?”

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Adam, visibly stunned by the dig at the movie’s CGI, responded:

“F**k you, I don’t know? Next question.”

The rest of the audience quickly erupted in laughter over the tense moment, which you can watch (below):

Awkwarrrrrd! But X (Twitter) users have come to LOVE the Marriage Story actor’s response, hyping him up in the replies:

“LMFAO, I stand behind this response”

“Good for Driver! I hate when people say comments or compliments during the Q&A instead of asking questions. It’s called Q&A for a reason dude.”

“Seems like a off the wall question. His job is acting, not CGI.”

“How can a car crash look cheesy”

“We need more responses like that to half-assed audience questions.”

LOLz! One user, however, pointed out that the person who asked the question spoke with a European accent, theorizing, “cheesy could mean something completely different in Poland.”

Not sure! What are YOUR thoughts, Perezcious readers?? Was that a shady question? Let us know in the comments and watch the trailer for Ferrari down below.

[Images via SAG-AFTRA Foundation/YouTube]

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