Estranged Wife Of Google Co-Founder Says She NEVER Cheated With Elon Musk Amid Affair Rumors!!

Nicole Shanahan is shutting down those Elon Musk affair rumors!

Over the weekend, the Wall Street Journal published an article claiming that the reason for Google co-founder Sergey Brin’s divorce from his estranged wife, Nicole, was that she had an affair with Elon in December. They supposedly hooked up while at Art Basel, a high-end art festival, in Miami. Sergey filed for divorce in January citing irreconcilable differences. So, the timing definitely tracks!

The Tesla founder has already come out swinging, denying the affair speculation. He also released a selfie on Sunday, which he supposedly took at a party with Sergey over the weekend. He seemingly hoped it would debunk claims that the alleged affair cost them their friendship. But now, Nicole is having her say on the scandal!

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On Tuesday, her lawyer, Bryan Freedman, told that she absolutely shuts down the allegations, arguing:

“Make no mistake, any suggestion that Nicole had an affair with Elon Musk is not only an outright lie but also defamatory.”

Oh, dang! We sense a lawsuit on the horizon!! The WSJ doesn’t seem so worried about retribution, though. They are continuing to stand firm by their reporting, telling the outlet:

“We are confident in our sourcing, and we stand by our reporting.”

Meanwhile, the SpaceX founder has taken it upon himself to blast the outlet at every chance he gets on social media. On Twitter, he’s accused the newspaper of printing “hit pieces” about him without interviewing “the key people involved.” He also complained about the “supernova” spotlight on him in light of the publication on Monday, writing:

“The amount of attention on me has gone supernova, which super sucks. Unfortunately, even trivial articles about me generate a lot of clicks.”

The 51-year-old insisted he’d try to stay “focused on doing useful things for civilization” — but not before he went after the Wall Street Journal’s investigation editor, Michael Siconolfi! In response to the writer’s OG post about the bombshell article, Elon tweeted a photo of himself with Sergey and captioned it:

“Your [pants] are on [fire]”


Obviously, that’s a reference to the childish expression, “liar, liar, pants on fire.” Elon got more direct with his frustrations, saying:

“The real problem here is that Michael Siconolfi has zero journalistic integrity.”

Siconolf hasn’t responded yet.

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Similarly, Sergey is yet to make a public statement about the alleged affair. The Journal reported that, though Elon begged for forgiveness, they have not spoken much since the scandal and that Sergey has asked his aides to sell all his interests in Musk’s many businesses.

Meanwhile, the computer scientist is likely focused on his divorce proceedings. As the eighth richest man in the world (worth an estimated $95 billion), those negotiations are bound to be heated!!! (Especially since Nicole is asking for $1 billion, supposedly more than the couple’s prenup calls for, according to Journal sources.) Things must be extra tense right now with all these allegations swirling on the world wide web!

Interestingly, earlier this month, she discussed her divorce from the businessman with Puck, insisting that she was doing everything in her power to keep the split amicable for their 4-year-old daughter, expressing:

“I hope for Sergey and I to move forward with dignity, honesty and harmony for the sake of our child. And we are both working towards that.”

Good thing the daughter’s too little to understand all of these reports! Though we’re sure it’ll make for an inneresting discussion in a few years — no matter what is true. Thoughts, Perezcious readers?!

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