Erika Jayne Says ‘F**k You’ To Jon Hamm After He Slammed Her For Keeping THOSE $750K Earrings!

Erika Jayne is PISSED at Jon Hamm!

For those who don’t recall, a big storyline in Season 12 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills had been the 52-year-old reality star’s diamond earrings. She was hesitant to return the $750,000 jewelry items, which she originally received from her estranged husband Tom Girardi. But he allegedly paid for the earrings with stolen settlement funds from families of those killed in a plane crash, so…

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During the show, Erika’s fellow co-stars Crystal Kung Minkoff and Kyle Richards blasted her for keeping the earrings and showing no empathy for the clients who have suffered at the hands of Tom. Celebrities even weighed in on the debacle, including Jon. The actor said on The Howard Stern Show last year:

“You just want to shake her and go, ‘honey, they were never yours — give them back.’ And then I can’t quite get … are they $750,000 earrings? Or is it $750,000 per earring? … Give ‘em back.”

Oof. Re-live all that (below):

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Now, Erika scored a huge victory when a judge ruled earlier this year that the trustee failed to prove the disgraced attorney purchased the earrings with the misappropriated funds. And during her latest appearance on the No Filter with Zack Peter podcast, Erika opened up about her legal win — AND took a moment to slam Hamm!!! She said on the episode:

“I have my appeal. And that’s, you know — like Jon Hamm, you know. ‘They never were yours.’ F**k you. I won on appeal. You don’t know what you’re talking about. You know, ‘Those were never yours.’ Really? Appellate judge said they were. Or at least said you can’t prove that they weren’t. So that made me happy.”

DAMN! It’s safe to say Erika won’t be watching any Jon Hamm movies or shows in the future. LOLz! Watch (below):

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[Image via Zack Peter/The Howard Stern Show/YouTube]

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