Dr. Drew Tells Tom Sandoval Whether He’s Really A Narcissist — And The Results Are Shocking!

Is Tom Sandoval really a narcissist? We’re about to find out!

Ever since the reality star had an affair behind Ariana Madix’s back with their Vanderpump Rules co-star Rachel Leviss, their castmates and fans repeatedly have called him a textbook narcissist. But instead of ignoring what others have said about him in the wake of Scandoval, he took a test to determine whether this is true! And no, we’re not kidding.

Board-certified physician and addiction specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky joined the television personality on his podcast Everybody Loves Tom on Thursday to discuss a “narcissism test” he took. And the results are in! Brace yourselves, Perezcous readers, because you won’t believe the outcome!

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Despite what most people may think, Dr. Drew revealed Sandoval is… NOT a narcissist. Huh?!?! He explained:

“You are not measurably narcissistic. It is a test for narcissistic traits. It is not a way of diagnosing a disorder but it is a way of showing traits. You actually scored very low.”

Dr. Drew said the average score on the test is in the 15 or 16 range. But for Tom? He apparently scored a 7! According to the Teen Mom reunion host, that is the lowest rating on the scale he’s ever seen:

“You are actually one of the lower ones that I’ve seen, which is interesting.”

What? This guy lied and cheated for months while his girlfriend was mourning the loss of her grandmother. Sandoval can’t even take full responsibility for carrying on an affair with her best friend behind her back to this day! And you’re telling us he’s not a narcissist? Does anyone buy this? Like, we would not be surprised if Sandoval lied on this test to get his desired outcome – just like a narcissist would. But who knows! We could be wrong. We bet fans are going to want Sandoval and Dr. Drew to pull out the receipts or at least record the Bravolebrity taking the test on camera again, though!

There was one area on the test Sandoval scored “slightly” higher on. And this will be no surprise to longtime VPR viewers – it’s vanity! Dr. Drew said:

“The only thing you were slightly up on was vanity. That is a reasonable measurement of something you’re interested in because of your appearance. It is not good or bad, it is just a trait.”

Sandoval felt he knew he wouldn’t score high on the narcissism scale as he witnessed that kind of behavior from other cast members on the reality show. Without naming names (but he’s probably talking about his former best friend Jax Taylor), he shared:

“I knew because I had been around people with narcissistic traits — they are on our show — so I know what it is like. I just know that I am not those people.”

Some – like Ariana and Lala Kent – most likely would disagree with him! On top of being vain, Dr. Drew said the musician was co-dependent and saw those traits in him following their candid discussion with each other:

“I think you are more on the codependent side and less on the narcissistic side. Codependency is a construct, it is not a diagnosis. It is a situation where it is hard to assert yourself. You are not great at boundaries and when you see people in pain, you have to make it stop. You feel like you have to make it stop because you feel like an empathic person but underneath it is your own pain being mobilized that you have to make stop. You have to distinguish your pain from other people’s pain.”

You can also watch the podcast episode (below):

Hmm… What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Do you feel Sandoval is more co-dependent than narcissistic? Or do you believe he messed with his answers on the test?

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