Donald Trump Is ‘Unfazed And Happy’ About Presidential Prospects Despite HUGE Looming Legal Issues?!

Donald Trump is happier than a pig in s**t.

So goes a new report, at least, which claims the former Prez is remarkably optimistic about his campaign for the 2024 election even as prosecutorial focus in multiple different court cases zooms in on him.

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Of course, the Apprentice alum is at the center of two major legal battles right now. In one, he may have to soon directly face his former attorney and “fixer” Michael Cohen in the massive ongoing fraud trial that is playing out in Manhattan. And in addition to that, there’s the Georgia election interference case going against Trump, too. You know the one — where Trump’s ex-attorneys are starting to flip on him over allegations he tried to cook the books regarding the last presidential election in the Peach State?! Yeah, that one…

But he’s not too worried about it! Per a report in Page Six on Friday, the ex-reality TV star is “unfazed” over everything that’s going on and continues apparently ordering steak frites with his usual regularity at Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan! Speaking about The Donald’s current status, an insider said:

“Trump’s in Trump Tower, unfazed and happy.”

And the source continued:

“He’s acting like nothing’s wrong. He’s projecting strength and seems on top of the world, not nervous or anxious.”


That’s not what the world has plainly seen in recent weeks, but whatever. This guy could be facing very serious legal consequences in both of these trials, and he’s just hangin’ out without a care in the world?! Seems like an interesting choice. Either he knows something we don’t, or he’s miscalculated how serious this is!! Which of those options do YOU think might be the right one, Perezcious readers?!

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