Did Billie Eilish Really Dye Her Hair Like This?! LOOK!

Billie Eilish has been the talk of social media all because of a new hairdo! But is it legit?

In a tweet posted by goldeilishgirl on X (Twitter), the fan updated their followers on a new snap supposedly posted to the musician’s Instagram Stories! In the pic, that’s since gone mega-viral, it shows the 21-year-old showing off her freshly dyed roots in a selfie — which fans were quick to compare to a weather map because of its yellow, red, and green hues:

“Geographically accurate heat map”

“It’s giving AccuWeather”

“She got a hurricane radar on her head”

“Category 5 rolling in…”

“The eye of the storm is just a cowlick”

“Looks like a pretty decent front moving overt the Midwest.”

“Can we see Finneas please?”


See the post for yourself (below):

Looks like all the gossip was just that, though — gossip! According to real screenshots of the Happier Than Ever singer’s post, her signature root dye didn’t take any inspo from The Weather Channel. Her hair remains jet black with bright red roots, as seen in several recent photoshoots.

The Grammy winner DID make a change to her hair, though! She seems to have brought back her adorable, eyebrow-length bangs. So there’s that!

What a buzz this fan created from an edited picture! Maybe Billie should think about going through with the radar-style root dye after this social media frenzy. LOLz!

Reactions, Perezcious readers?

[Image via First Coast News/YouTube/MEGA/WENN]

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