Dem Babies No More! Mariah Carey Shares Rare Video Of All Grown Up Twins On TikTok!

Mariah Carey shared a rare video of her kids to TikTok, and we cannot BELIEVE how grown up they are!

As you know, Moroccan and Monroe Cannon are the twins Mariah shares with ex hubby Nick Cannon (who has been in the media spotlight a lot lately regarding his dating history and other kids). Rarely do we ever see glimpses of Dem Babies lately, their mom posted the funniest video to TikTok of the now-11-year-olds!

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Celebrating their own version of Fashion Week over the weekend, twins “Roc ‘n’ Roe” took to the red carpet to show off their modeling skills. First up was Monroe, who walked the little red carpet and put her hand on her hip as she showed off her flowing blue gown. Next, her brother Moroccan showed off his silky attire by flashing peace signs. It’s unbelievable how grown up (and identical to their momma) they look!  

Finally, the pair took to the runway together after an outfit change into coordinating red garments — but let their sibling rivalry get the best of them. Monroe flipped her hair in her brother’s face, so he pushed her in the back. The siblings then began roughhousing as Mariah quickly jumped out of her seat to control the situation — by calling security on them! Ha! 

Security team members pulled the thrashing kids apart and Carey quickly covered the camera with her hand to end the adorable video! So funny! 

Ch-ch-check out the TikTok for yourself (below): 


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