David Eason COMPLAINED To His Ex About Jenelle Evans Marriage!

This week David Eason is getting heat from two fronts — the law AND his ex!

Jenelle Evans‘ scary hubby has been charged with child abuse after the CPS investigation into allegations he hurt her son Jace. It sounds like the 14-year-old was in serious danger!

But adding the cherry on top was his ex, who also put him on blast for sending her text messages last year — telling her he was pining for her! In texts Whitney Rich, the mother of David’s 16-year-old daughter Maryssa, shared with The US Sun, after years of marriage to the Teen Mom star he actually said to her:

“I dream about you all the time.”


“I wish I could turn back the clock.”

So… in addition to being a scary alleged abuser and dog killer, he’s also a crappy husband in the normal way??

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Well, it’s even more than that! It wasn’t just a one-off series of ex texts. Whitney also revealed to the Sun that he spent some time another day just having a bitch sesh about his marriage!

Yes, in more texts she spilled to the outlet, David complained about the ol’ ball and chain, even sharing pics of texts with the wife that he found annoying! He wrote to Whitney:

“Now this, I can never win. She’s mad because I have two loads worth of laundry. She has the entire room covered with her clothes.”

And then he took a photo of the bedroom, showing dirty clothes and trash all over. He blamed Jenelle for the mess, saying all he was trying to do was clean up after her!

“Literally, this is all her s**t. Not one article of this clothing is mine but I’m a POS for cleaning.”

OMG can you imagine your spouse taking a pic of YOUR private space, YOUR mess and sending it to an ex to complain! He continued:

“Sorry, I just need someone to vent to I have no friends except JD and he runs his mouth when he gets drunk. As if cleaning my own mess is worse than cheating. LMAO.”

No, cleaning isn’t as bad as cheating. But these texts are getting a little warmer! Whitney was offended on Jenelle’s behalf, saying:

“A bedroom is a couple’s private space, that’s their bedroom, their intimate place — it was crazy that he would send me photos of it.”

Can’t say we disagree!

What do YOU think of David violating Jenelle’s privacy in addition to all the other potential crimes??

[Image via David Eason/Instagram.]

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