Dating Show Contestant Allegedly Dismembered Fiancée — And Kept Her Heart & Lady Parts In His Freezer

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

A former dating show contestant who previously described himself as “the perfect man” has been arrested for allegedly slaughtering his bride-to-be.

According to reports, Petr Begun (seen above on a Ukrainian reality show back in 2019) has been detained in Kyiv, Ukraine after allegedly strangling his fiancée Olha Davydenko, dismembering her corpse, and storing her body parts in his freezer.

Officials said the 37-year-old, now known as the “bridegroom ripper,” cut the 39-year-old’s body into pieces and placed her heart and genitals in the freezer while he threw out the rest of her remains. Regional police chief Andrei Nebytov said, per local news outlets:

“The groom-ripper tore out his beloved’s heart, kidneys and female sex organs, which he stored at home.”

The lawyer and former murder case investigator reportedly spent several days getting rid of the other body parts in landfill sites, sometimes riding his bike to transport “suspicious packages.”

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Police found Olha’s pelvis and part of her spine in a suitcase tossed into a pond, then discovered her severed hands and feet in another dumped bag. Nebytov revealed the victim was ultimately identified by fingerprints.

To make matters all the more disturbing, the suspect had actually been on a dating competition show called Blind Wedding in 2019, where he competed as a potential husband. Petr naturally painted a flattering portrait of himself at the time, saying on the show:

“I’m cheerful, friendly, happy, active, quick-witted, inventive, with a sense of humor, and an optimist… I try to think and create, I’m a quick learner, play sports and try to lead a healthy lifestyle… I think I’m the perfect man. I own a law firm. Our team deals with civil, criminal cases, household family matters… I’m into self-development.”

He bragged about being a “reliable, careful” guy ready to arrange “an unforgettable romance for my beloved girlfriend.” Well, he’s got himself a real villain edit now.

Begun’s unforgettable romance with the victim began earlier this year, just before the war started in February. Davydenko moved in with him just one week after they met and was “happy,” according to police.

But things apparently went way south later this year when the couple had an argument. Kyiv regional police said:

“The man explained that there was a conflict between him and the woman, because of which he strangled her. In order to hide the traces of the crime, he dismembered the body and tried to hide the remains.”

That… doesn’t explain keeping her heart and genitals next to his frozen waffles. Truly horrifying.

Begun faces charges of murder and illegal storage of ammunition that was found at his home. He could be in jail for up to 15 years. Is that even enough for such a crime??

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