Darius Jackson Makes SHOCKING New Claim About Keke Palmer’s Mom Amid Abuse Allegations

Keke Palmer’s estranged baby daddy is sharing his side of the story. His side of the… photos where he’s hitting the mother of his child…

Last week, Keke was granted a temporary restraining order against Darius Jackson, as well as sole custody of their son Leodis. The Nope star claimed he had physically and emotionally abused her and had been “rough” with the infant — and she had receipts in the form of security camera footage. Really messed up stuff. Now Darius is adding his own context to the disheartening situation.

On Monday morning, sources close to the fitness instructor told TMZ that the domestic violence situation stemmed from an argument with Keke’s mother, Sharon, over the infant. Apparently, last Sunday, Darius texted the Alice actress about picking up Leodis to go watch football — but when he got to Keke’s house, he wasn’t there.

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At that point, Keke and Darius began arguing and the 30-year-old called her mother, who the outlet says was screaming obscenities at Darius. Shockingly, the source is claiming Sharon said she was going to put a bullet in her grandson’s head because she was scared for the safety of her daughter.


OK, that has to be a misunderstanding, that makes absolutely ZERO sense.

It was from then the exes began wrestling over her cell phone, which was depicted in the footage Keke submitted for her restraining order filing last week. The source also added that Darius denies abusing Keke — and points out cops who arrived at the scene that day didn’t find grounds to arrest him for domestic violence, or even to file a report.

Cops not filing a report isn’t exactly strong evidence there wasn’t abuse. And we still don’t see how wrestling over the phone necessarily follows, even if Keke’s mother did say something so unhinged as he claims. Hmm.

We just hope Leodis is in safe hands! Share your thoughts in the comments down below.

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