Chris Brown Beat A Man Unconscious In Horrific London Nightclub Attack, Lawsuit Claims

Chris Brown is the subject of a new lawsuit that alleges he severely beat a man in a London club back in February.

The singer is cited as the alleged aggressor in a suit filed by a man named Abe Diaw. According to TMZ on Friday, Diaw claims he was at TAPE Nightclub when he saw Breezy — one thing led to another, and the singer was suddenly brandishing a bottle as a weapon. (That’s some yadda yadda, right?) Diaw claims Brown aggressively smashed him over the head with a bottle — of Don Julio 1942 Tequila, to be specific. Whoa!!!

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Diaw received severe injuries resulted from the attack, he claims, with the suit calling the head strikes “crushing blows.” He says he was knocked unconscious, after which Chris allegedly continued the assault by STOMPING on him while he was lying on the club floor!


Diaw says he ended up in the hospital after the beatdown. The lawsuit cites several major injuries, including lacerations on his head and torn ligaments in one of his legs. What’s weird is that Diaw claims he and Chris have known each other for nearly a decade. He saw Chris in the club that night and figured Breezy was coming up to say hello — but when CB got up to him, the star supposedly started striking with the tequila bottle. Just out of nowhere?? Hmm…

Now Diaw is suing for damages related to pain and suffering. He claims some of his injuries may be permanent, and he’s also dealing with emotional distress from the incident. These lawsuits are tricky when they come down to just one party’s version of events vs the other. But Diaw claims there’s surveillance footage of the ENTIRE attack! His suit asserts cops in London have already been given the video evidence, and he can specifically identify Chris in the clip as his attacker. Damn. If that’s true, that would be a major development!

At this point, we don’t know what to think. It’s yet another unsettling story involving Brown

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